AFI 36-2606 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering AFI REENLISTMENT IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE. FROM THE INBOX: (AFI ). Airmen do not qualify for the SRB if they reenlist or extend their enlistments for any purpose other than.

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No, create an account now. 36-266 BeanSep 5, Agree x 5 Winner x 2. Also, this form is dated Octso that would lead me to believe it’s been this way since at least Apparently, a change went through on AFI that removed the part about it being optional.

I think the 36-6206 way to squash this is for atheists to all say “So help me Allah”. It’s bullshit and won’t last long now that it’s about to hit the media. LOL Atheists getting all spun up over this. Your name or email address: Share This Page Tweet.

Just watch how fast Big Blue will backpedal on this ludicrous bullshittery. Like x 1 This Post Sucks x 1.


Totally going to do that. Jul 21, Messages: Is there really all that much of a credibility difference between the two?

AFMentor – AF Publications

Log in or Sign up. Jun 24, Messages: Apr 25, Messages: May 8, Messages: TreehuggerSep 5, It says “So help me God” at the bottom, and has no option to exclude it. Agree x 3 This Post Sucks x 3 Dislike x 2.

I will never fail But they make fun of the religious people that get butt hurt over their religious rights being violated. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it this morning.

I’m not saying that shit. Like x 10 Winner x 5 Agree x 1. I was waiting for this to hit AFEF. Dec 30, Messages: I’m an Atheist, and I have absolutely no problem swearing to God in an oath.

Change to 36-2606… So help me God.

Two, because I find it hard to believe that we haven’t enlisted any athiests since 3-2606 RantSep 5, Air Force Enlisted Forums. Might be a good thread. BombgetterSep 5, What avenues are there to voice my complaint about this? You must log in or sign up to reply here.


May 20, Messages: Agree x 4 Like x 1 Disagree x 1. FucoSep 5, This grinds my gears for a couple of reasons So I can say, “So help me spaghetti monster.

New Jersey Army National Guard –

I ran across an AF Times story I realize some of you just quit reading this post, and that’s ok – I really don’t blame you about an atheist who was refused reenlistment because he crossed out the words “so help me God” on his enlistment contract which made it invalid. SplitzSep 5, JedisonsDadSep 5, X-ShirtSep 5, Agree x 3 This Post Sucks x 1.

Even more so 36-206 I looked it up and it was true. So help me God. Jul 25, Messages: Do you already have an account?

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