Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi exile, studies for his doctorate in math at the University of Chicago where he gets to know Albert Wohlstetter, a prominent cold-war. Albert Wohlstetter (born , died 10 January, ) was a neo-conservative ideologue and long time director of the Rand Corporation. Albert Wohlstetter: international relations: Between the two world wars: Kissinger, and Albert Wohlstetter. Other issues that were addressed in the vast literature.

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The two hit it off and Wohlstetter was brought on as a consultant to the Mathematics Department.

Office of the Secretary of Defense, Historical Office. He studies under Abraham Wald where he was a peer of Jacob Wolfowitz.

So it was a matter of considerable personal satisfaction to watch those missiles turning right angle corners in the Gulf War in and demonstrating that this stuff really could do what Albert Wohlstetter had envisioned 15 years before it wohlstetrer be able to do. But secondly and importantly, to be able to avoid unnecessary loss of innocent life in war.

Wohlstetter remained a consultant with RAND for the first few wohlsttter. Basrur, Rajesh 15 AprilNuclear Deterrence: Its members saw the Soviet threat not as an empirical problem but as a matter of faith.

Albert Wohlstetter – Wikispooks

Institute for Strategic Studies, doi: Positions that Albert Wohlstetter has held: Donate Now Volunteer If you would like to help us with this effort, please contact us. Wohlstetter, Albert Fall—Winter But he stayed at Columbia to pursue a Ph.


Retrieved 7 March Albert Wohlstetter, the ideological father of neoconservatism seearranges a meeting in Istanbul bringing together 13 Americans, 13 Turks, and 13 Europeans.

Los AngelesUSA. It was terrifically gratifying to me as I got to know him better, to realize that there were intensely moral considerations in the way he approached these issues.

After receiving his degree, Chalabi moves to Lebanon where he works as a math teacher at the American University of Beirut.

At the hospital he was diagnosed as having had a serious heart attack and was discharged home with around-the-clock nursing care. Dean, Acheson March Volunteer If you would like to help us with this effort, please contact us.

From tohe taught in the political science department of the University of Chicago, and chaired the dissertation committees of Paul Wolfowitz and Wohlsttetter Khalilzad. Journal of Conflict Resolution. Roberta Wolstetter died on 6 Algert General Panel Corporation was a company founded by Walter Gropius and Konrad Wachsmanntwo important figures in the Bauhaus movement.

Heeger, Susan 8 July During the Second World War, Wohlstetter worked on problems of war production. Perle and other officials in the Reagan administration play a key role in promoting an alliance between Israel and Turkey.

Albert Wohlstetter

Other key members include William von Cleave and Daniel Graham. The National Interest Retrieved 29 March Enthoven, Richard Perle, Stephen J. That had a similar impact in the s when he was asked to look at, by the Air Force, at what’s the most cost-effective way to base our bomber force wojlstetter came out of that with the observation which is like a blinding flash of the obvious but no one had noticed it before then, that the real issue isn’t what’s cost effective, the real issue is how do you build a bomber force that’s not vulnerable to a first strike by the other side?

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Wohlstetter, Albert 6 November If you find it useful, please give us a hand and donate what you can. InWohlstetter who died in introduced Chalabi to Perle, then the undersecretary of albet for international-security policy under President Reagan and one of Wohlstetter’s leading acolytes.

He and his wife also advised both Democratic and Republican administrations, including President John F. Retrieved from ” https: Lukasik and Andrew W.

He was so insistent on ascertaining the facts. An August 4,special article for the The Dubya Report”The Prophet of Prevarication and His Disciple”reports that “While at Chicago, Strauss and mathematician Wohlstrtter Wohlstetter trained a number of students who themselves became, or whose students became important figures in the neoconservative movement.

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