indeed he might have been describing the author of Eros, the Bittersweet. Car- Carson traces the paradoxical nature of Eros from Sappho’s famous definition. Deadpan Sexy: Anne Carson’s “Eros the Bittersweet”. Austin Allen. 10 February, Anne Carson writes books that refuse to be just one thing. Autobiography. Eros the Bittersweet An Essay Anne Carson. Editions. Paperback. ISBN. pp. 6 x 9. Hardcover.

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We love that moment, and we hate it. Jul 31, Martin rated it it was ok. She examines the nuances of love, through the lens of Greek fragments and culture. I was in pain when I read this.

We read about lovers, because we can simultaneously enjoy their predicament and the knowledge that their predicament will resolve the same way that we enjoy a pun because of the disconnect between appearance and meaning. For his delight is in reaching; to reach for something perfect would be perfect delight. Both of these kinds of space come into being by an act of symbolization. And yet they are making the same type of universal claim. We caught sight of a similar outline, even in Homer, where the phenomenon of reading and writing resurfaces in Bellerophon’s stor “Both the experience of desire and the experience of reading have something to teach us about edges.

I mean, as a reader I get what she is getting at. Carson’s analysis is by no bittefsweet exhaustive, but she does include quite a few areas of interest including: That is the most erotic thing about Eros. Account Options Sign in.


Eros the Bittersweet

So is a lover. Phonetic script imitates “It is arguable, then, from the way they wrote and the tools they used, that ancient readers and cxrson conceived the Greek alphabet as a system of outlines or edges. So much for oneness. Supposing for the moment that the inhabitants of the city continue to eat, drink and procreate in some mechanical way; still, their life looks flat. A pun is a figure of language that depends on similarity of sound and disparity of meaning.

To the Greeks, the idea of writing itself was relatively new. Lurking here is also the unargued and by no means self-evident premise that is “culture”.

Eros the Bittersweet by Anne Carson

In Carson’s eloquent words, “Words do have edges. If this is so, it discloses something important about the activities of knowing and desiring.

It bittersweett that hole. And it is only, suddenly, at the moment when I would dissolve that boundary, I realize I never can. By passionately wanting it not to be. I’m also not going to quote any sections about Greek novels I must profess a slight distaste for the genre!

Eros the Bittersweet – Anne Carson – Google Books

I would add that if anyone is actually going to write about Heraclitus, as I would like to have happen, Anne Carson is the person to do it. No trivia or quizzes yet. You perceive homophony and at the same annne see the semantic space that separates the two words.

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In te arguments, culture is a homogenous and monolithic THING, to which we have access via all and each of its productions, rather than a tension of similarity and difference, including its own variants and disputes, which needs much more care and information to be described accurately. Every hunting, hungering lover is half a knucklebone, wooer of a meaning that is inseparable from its absence. But that’s exactly what makes Carson so singular.

The book is divided into small chapters perhaps 15 pages at most that are various aspects of eros Ruse, Tactics, Finding the Edge, Something Paradoxical, Takeover, etc. But how the greek alphabet figures into the idea of eros and is related to written language is quite intriguing and one of the main ideas of the book.

Feb 20, Steven rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cultural tidbits as well as foreign words and phrases trickle through the text in a pleasingly clarified form and only enhance the experience. She binds various close readings of ancient Greek sources of which quite a few originals are given alongside translations with her wide-ranging knowledge of poetry, philosophy, and scholarship in what would become her signature readable, yet lyrical style.

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