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I’m also fluent in English and Dutch so I would be glad to help anyone with these languages. I am obsessed with the Korean language, I would really like to learn. I’m already speak a bit of Portuguese but I am not that good.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for setting it all up.

How to Learn Papiamento (or Papiamentu) via Online Language Exchange

I followed three German courses up to B1 and would like to practice aprendef. I would like to learn to speak and write english better. Studied French in the past- kind of starting to forget it. Sabrina April 25, I think it’s a great idea! My Spanish is papiiamento since I did my semester abroad and my in I love speaking other languages and am learning Korean and Chinese mandarin.


Solo quiesiera aprender chino, hablo espanol i se holandes tambien. My second language is Dutch. Why do a language exchange? Just want to learn Chinese I know Spanish en Dutch.

Meaning of “papiamento” in the Spanish dictionary

What Kind of Language Exchange? Hello, If you would to learn Papiamento feel free to reach out to me!

This depends on your proficiency level in Papiamento or Papiamentu and your learning goals. I think it’s fun aprsnder other people and their culture. Pero mi kier papia Papiamento ku mas hendenan. Shamira May 22, I already know a little. Maybe I can help with an other language. I start watching korean movies and I like how it sound as songs to. I want to practice more and have aprendre conversation in these languages.

This is a convenient way to do a language exchange. Just a gilr trying to improve my english.

I have great interest in learning Turkish. I studied European Studies at Hague Univeristy. Featuring languages, including Winifer May 11, Hello, my name is Jodiane.


Hola, Estoy ofreciendo lecciones de Papiamento. My native language is papiamento.

Continuer votre beau travail. And also my Spanish is pretty good.

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