Attraction Formula – Paul Janka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Attraction Formula reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka’s advice. A Review of Paul Janka’s Attraction Formula. For the longest time, I tried to avoid Paul Janka. And never thought I would write a review about Paul Janka.

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I’d recommend reading this book for the practical forula on how to set up your apartment, h Paul Janka covers a lot of ground in this short book: I haven’t tried his stuff out yet, but I have read it. Jan 26, Scott M rated it it was amazing. He was fearless and unshakable. It is a very comprehensive set of advice and information to get you from A to Z working with this system. The Girlfriend Activation System. Is the System Too Industrial? I wanted him to write this book. So as you study this material, keep this in mind—nothing here is theoretical.

Join Date Sep Gender: Join Date May Gender: Was purchasing and using the product a smooth process?

May 20, Dan Davidson rated it liked it. Now, ask yourself if this system is for you? Consequences of a Player Lifestyle” is a welcome, sobering chapter and Janka deserves attracrion for his openness and telling you like it is.

It’s pretty good, but I doubt he gets hot chicks. Philosophy and Mindset 2. Dating Skills Review strongly encourages ‘focus’ when learning to avoid wasting time and money or getting overwhelmed with information and not getting very far which is very common for men studying dating advice and pick up. There are other reasons he gives in the main ebook as jankx why bars are one of the worst places to meet women in his opinion.


Easy to Implement – Lots of Detail One of the highlights of the Attraction Formula system is all the detail Paul Janka goes into to describe exactly what you need to do at each step.

Is customer service very responsive? It’s all about how to walk up to a girl in jsnka street, get her phone number, meet her for a date later and take it from there to the bedroom.

Attraction Formula

I’m spinning my wheels, so I’m a skeptic with a lot of this stuff. He aims to reduce everything down to the bare essentials. Janka himself used it to meet women mostly directly in the street. For beginners this is great because you have everything you need in one place and it will focus your study and learning curve so you get results quicker.

I’m going to look into his stuff more. That is 19 girls he didn’t sleep with. The information in this chapter is valuable experienced feedback for all men setting out on this journey that will help them make better decisions for your own longer term happiness.

Effective system for picking up lots of women, comprehensive advice from cold approaching a girl in the street to bed, very efficient cuts it to the essentialsvery good value for money.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Product Information Paul Janka introduces his step-by-step system to meet and date women. But you can learn from the extreme, even if you choose a different path.

Literally every aspect is covered and it is very detailed – Janka is detail orientated and analytical by nature. However, if you expect special openers and techniques, you probably will be disappointed.

Very efficient when you open sets a week and get 40 or so numbers – Magical double and triple booking: The Collection of Confidence. His book is good reading, but he definitely is not the normal guy and I would imagine gets a better response rate due to outer game formjla overall intellect.


Paul knows what he wants her phone number and usually walks away with it. Location Northern California Age 34 Posts 1, There are a lot of benefits for this comprehensive narrow focused approach for the ‘beginner’ or ‘intermediate’ to dating advice.

Paul Janka-attraction formula

Ask yourself what you want though. Hesitation – Is She with Him? Alex Zinchenko rated it really liked it Sep 13, forrmula Fascinated by his story and his uncanny ability to meet women, I sent him an email to meet for lunch.

This can be while they are walking in the streets or sitting in a cafe for example. My luck i will open and number close two girls on two different days that would happen to be best friends. It boils down to a dozen or so practical tips, but it is truly lasting knowledge and a great addition to the Men’s Library. It doesn’t make much room for ” Romantic Notions ” about meeting women. I was only able to watch half of the first video because the constant walking back and forth with the camera following the presenter distracted from the content being delivered.

These women know immediately that they are dealing attractjon a man who has experienced more than his fair share of the opposite sex, and they respect him as a result. He’s always very informative and helpful. Some people really need this kind of detailed advice to help them put what they read in to action – so it’s very useful.

Otherwise, the book gave me two limiting beliefs:

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