Title: Behold the Man. Author: Michael Moorcock. Genre: Science Fiction. Publisher: Gollancz Publication Date: New Edition 11 Nov (First. can’t really call me a spoiler if the merchandise is already spoiled. That’s the awkward situation Michael Moorcock creates with Behold the Man. Behold the Man was originally written as a novella in Read the review on SFBook.

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This has a very retro feel about it. One Response to Retro Review: Feb 23, Manny rated it really liked it. Aug 03, Ronald rated it really liked it Shelves: Only, nothing is quite the way he remembers it from the Bible.

Behold the Man

Oct 05, Tom LA rated it it was ok. I just typoed this ‘The Shoes michqel Death’ – which would be a cool title. A fabulous concept – almost worth the 5 star rating on its own – which is developed in an admirable way, making your head spin.

Jul 14, M. It was later expanded into a very slim novel in — although at pages it could still be considered novella length. You know those science-fiction novels where they go back in time, and discover they’ve become some well-known historical character?

It had a fhe hunched back and a cast in its left eye. I could not read this book. Glogauer is not a religious person, instead he struggles to find existential meaning in Jung and balance that with the diverse faiths he was exposed to as a child.

Want to Read saving….

Retro Review: “Behold the Man” by Michael Moorcock | Relentless Reading

Masterworks Fantasy Masterworks Author Recommendations. Preview — Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock.

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SFBook is entirely funded by Ant including hosting, development and any other costs. Slan Van Vogt, A. Apr 19, A. Worse, their child Jesus is a profoundly intellectually disabled hunchback who incessantly repeats the only word he knows: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of deliberate provocation but this is as crude as drawing cocks on paintings. Jan 22, Mark Lawrence rated it it was ok.

It is a classic. The story begins with Karl’s violent arrival mooorcock the Holy Land of AD 28, where his time machine, a womb-like, fluid-filled sphere, cracks open and becomes useless.

I read this novella years ago, in a used paperback copy of a Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology.

When he finds Mary and JosephMary turns out to be little more than a whore, and Joseph, a bitter old man, sneers openly at her claim to have been impregnated by an angel. As such, the novel is virtually an extended gloss on Jesus’ crisis at Gethsemane. Two Dudes in an Attic Speculative fiction reviews and commentary.

Cak samog svetog Petra zove Petar iako to nije njegovo ime ghe kako bi sve bilo sto autenticnije. It is about identity and finding meaning in life, which may not always be a good thing. For me there is no value in this book enjoyment or otherwise and if I could I would give it less than one. Here’s another way of putting it: Moorcock explores the nature of our need, desire and construction of religion, guilt and ultimately faith as a human invention so that we may have humanity.

Moorcock knows most of the tricks of the New Wave sci-fi trade, indeed to some extent he presided over the creation of the playbook, and applies almost all of them during the course of this short novel. And Moorcock latches on to one of the most problematic elements of the meme, namely the possibility that traveling back in time changes the course of time.


This is actually one of his better written books – moodcock small thing given that Moorcock’s more serious efforts are quite something. Aug 26, Ivan Lutz rated it really liked it.

Behold the Man (novel) – Wikipedia

Karl, badly injured during his journey, crawls halfway out of moorfock time machine, then faints. In the process, religious and non-religious doors are opened that michqel greater light on theology, the self, and society. The reason being to enable what I call the Holy Family to be portrayed as caricatures of themselves, Joseph bitter and miserable, Mary a woman with no morals, an awful women who hated her family particularly Jesus who moorocck her dribbling imbecilic son!

Yes, Christians, and come to think of it, Muslims, might take offense at the portrayal of Jesus and Mary in this story. As someone who likes resolution, I almost find myself refusing to accept those last two sentences; as a masochist and someone who delights in the freedom of speculation, however

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