Dirty Blood (Dirty Blood, #1), Cold Blood (Dirty Blood, #2), Blood Bond (Dirty Blood, #3), Blood Rule (Dirty Blood, #4), One Hour (Dirty Blood series bo. Forty-six. That’s how many hybrids survived the Hunter attack in the woods after I revived them with an injection of my blood. That’s how many followed me home. Blood Rule by Heather Hildenbrand, now you can read online. Listening to headphones at maximum volume with your back turned to the doorway is a fantastic.

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Like with the previous books, we get lots of answers and even more questions.

I am liking the new developments and I am curious to see how the story will evolve from here. Usually it is the first book that is my favorite but Blood Rule proved to be different. Will she be able to set her pack free?

A new villain is revealed, and a more dangerous plot comes to light as we move through this story. He is very sweet but Alex holdenbrand bad boy to a whole new level!!! Literally, an invisible house. Now she doesn’t have her safety net there to save her. I felt like Tara grew a lot in this one. Preview — Blood Rule by Heather Hildenbrand. I know everyone is either team Wes or team Alex and I just can’t decide, I can see how much both characters care deeply for Tara and she for both of them.

Dirty Blood Series by Heather Hildenbrand

I was blown away at how much each of the characters learned from the last books. I can only imagine what the last book has in store for me. The guy is totally in love with Tara. Mar 08, Heavenly rated it it was amazing.

I sobered quickly, my amusement fading as I remembered all the reasons I had not to laugh. Shocking, gripping, intense, dark are just the beginning of words I would use to describe Blood Rule.


I have no idea where Heather comes up with all the twists and turns and new layers of development, but she can write a book that will have you sitting so close to the edge of your seat, you will fall right off of it. The only solution so far is simply listening to music. I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on the next book!!! Feb 16, Talk Supe rated it really liked it Shelves: Only thing is, it has a cliffhanger ending, so I need book 5 now!!!

Tera has been through a LOT during this time. I like Alex, but come on! Tara, Wes, George and 2 others go on the run. Tara is learning, bucking the trends, and in some areas finally accepting her role.

Don’t get me wrong, it was good; but, this edition was much darker, almost depress 3. Wes pulled free and glared at George in the doorway.

There is twist after twist, that will keep you on the edge of your seat!! Will this particular part of the bond bother Wes? I seriously have this secret crush on Alex. Long story short, Tara has come a long way.

She needs to make a firm decision between Wes and Alex, she says one thing, but I am not convinced she is firm in her choice. In this book, Steppe comes up a lot more, and you can see he is just plain evil and has his own disgusting agenda. There is just something about the danger, action, love and wolves that just keep Woooooow is all I can say!! Heather Hildenbrand surprises me more with each book.

As a teenager, she bucks all the decisions her parents and the author adult members of The Cause try to impose on her, even though you, as the reader, want to Another great book by the author. From outside the tent, I heard someone snicker. That and my ulterior motive being I want the villain, Gordon Steppe, to finally be defeated and for Tara to finally become the big bad wolf everyone’s been waiting for. As with all of the books in the Dirty Blood series, I loved this book.


I backed up so Wes could fit into the small square of canvas that was mine in this chaotic communal space of woods the hybrids shared. To ask other readers questions about Blood Ruleplease sign up.

I do love them! Ruel I felt was more of a secondary character who is there to just comfort Tara, but I have a feeling uildenbrand going to see some kick butt Wes in the next book. Many times I had tears in my eyes and I bet next part will be as emotional as this one! Can Tara save her own hide as well as her packs’? But, they won’t be there long before it is decided that she wants to go get her pack.

Tara continues to deny her position of leadership, not realizing and seeing what everyone around her sees; she also struggles with her new-found leadership of the hybrid pack.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. She reads the story great too, bringing across the tension, sadness and everything else brilliantly. I rulle live to pick his brain!

Blood Rule

Lists with This Book. After all, one can only fall so far before they must be lifted up. Her werewolves and hybrids are kind of cool. Bloid is a kick butt heroine who is called a dirty blood because she is part werewolf hunter and part werewolf. Tara is trying to grapple with her new werewolf abilities and her status as the alpha of the pack. This story continues to keep me on my toes and wondering what could possibly happen hildenbrans.

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