3 Oct Another Step by Step Visual Tutorial, on How to Create a Bluevoda Panel then connect the database to my web site build with Bluevoda. create website with our BlueVoda website builder in under 30 minutes no coding or html web page website maker knowledge required with our site builder. 13 Apr TUTORIAL: Creating a Template using a BlueVoda Template Background The BlueVoda website builder is brought to you by: VodaHost.

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Once you have created your own website by using this website maker then you can also upload different videos to your own website.

Bluevoda tutorials

Hyperlinking — Making it all come together Discussion and help related to linking your pages together with hyperlinks, standard navigation menubars, linking images, dynamic menus and Go bluevoda website builder tutorial. How to create a website in bluevoda website builder tutorial language besides English. In the style section you can: Previewing and printing your website with Bluevoda website builder. Do not allow any blank spaces between words!

Our experts and community take a look at BlueVoda, to see if it is among the best Very little is offered in terms bluevoda website builder tutorial support, with only a handful of online tutorials. When the element is pasted into the new location, the original will be deleted. You can drag the text-menu anywhere on the page and you can resize the menu by dragging any of theexternal handles.

Practice adding and deleting text, pictures, and hyperlinks untilyou can do these actions with ease. Creating a new Form based on a Template in Form Wizard 3. You can cut and paste parts into BlueVoda later.


That’s it; you’re now able to use the logomaker inBlueVoda. Soholaunch WebSite Builder Soholaunch enables you to build a professional website with eCommerce capabilities through a user-friendly interface and gives you the power to create database-driven eCommerce systems quickly and easily, regardless of your technical experience level.

That’s two top bluevoda website builder tutorial menu items created … Now let’s create a sub menu item. As you know that video tutorials are very appealing to a lot of people and it helps you to grab traffic for your website.

You are now able to edit a form. Again, we wish you the best of luck! Unlock All Unlocks all bluevoda website builder tutorial elements that have been added to your web page.

BlueVoda Website Builder Web Hosting Tutorials

You can add and change the borders of the design, making it stand out and even swivel the entire logoabout its axes, giving it a cool 3D effect. If you do have a Bluevoda website builder tutorial account and you are having problems publishing this could only mean that your firewall is blocking and preventing BlueVoda from doing its job. Installing and Configuring BlueVoda 7. Repeat the same process for all the pages you want to hyperlink. Moreover bluevoda website builder tutorial can also create website and can add many other things that will attract people to your website.

BlueVoda is a tool that can be used to create a website that is static or dynamic with incredible results.

Created in the United States of America. It will be saved as a.

Bluevoda tutorials download

There a great many preconfigured forms depending on your requirements — You can preview them byclicking on each and then looking to the display on the right. Think bluevoda website builder tutorial anypictures that you might want to put on each page and where you are going to put them in order to bemost effective.


Click [ OK ] when you’re done. Click the ActiveX button on the left toolbar to bepresented with a list of options. Double Click on bluevoda website builder tutorial menu bars to launch the Navigation Bar Properties editor. Editing a form They solve your problem and issues instantly. Edits your list of browsers Publishes your active web page to the Internet.

Watch These Tutorials to Create a Website

Creating Hyperlinks in BlueVoda Once your guest-book is placed to your requirements, you should double-click the guest-book to openthe configuration dialogue window.

When bluevoda website builder tutorial done, click [ OK ] to save the changes. BlueVoda’s View Menu How to Insert Movies It takes two to three months to learn how to use DreamWeaver and at least a month to learn FrontPage,while you can learn BlueVoda in hours.


You can set a page transition bluevoda website builder tutorial will occur when a visitor enters or exits your page as well as the amount of time it will take for the page transition to complete. You willsee the IP as well as your login details in your Welcome Email. How to edit a Form already created with Bluevoda website builder. Whatdo you want your web page to do? Let’s take a look at form elements.

When you’re done configuring the options here, click [ OK ] to return to the main menu. You should note that you can perform any of thesetasks after the form has been created.

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