Book of Proof. (5 reviews). Richard Hammack, Virginia Commonwealth University . Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: Independent. Book of Proof has ratings and 11 reviews. David said: Playing with Numbers22 June – Sydney Well, what do you know, a university textbook that. This free book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. – free book at

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The students are all prospective middle and high school teachers, and the main goals are to prepare them for upper level mathematics courses involving proofs, and to give them a The book is suitable for almost any undergraduate mathematics program.

Views Downloads Reads Likes This may take several minutes. I think this is richwrd real shame — a price we have paid collectively for emphasizing mathematics chiefly as a technocratic and scientific problem hamkack discipline as opposed to a humanistic and democratic problem framing one — but this is not a stick I wish to beat this text with, or at hamack this text alone.

A native of rural southern Virginia, he studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design before an interest in computer graphics and visualization led him to rkchard. It is very easy to just do a search for terms to get there quickly, but this would be a great addition. Some instructors might see a lack of an introduction to delta-epsilon arguments as a weak point. The interface was fine. Lists with This Book.

Also, mathematical induction could be covered before other proof techniques. It’s a great book. Alth This book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. Depending on your Internet connection, the file may fail to open. Jet rated it really liked it Oct 01, Off, this is actually a mathematic text book and is all about how to do mathematical proofs. Preview — Book of Proof by Richard Hammack.


Book of Proof – Open Textbook Library

I would love for hyperlinks to be added, so that ot could click on the table of contents to get to chapters for example. I use this book for a “Discrete Mathematics for Educators” course.

I was impressed by how easy to prof and well organized this textbook is. I highly recommend any transition-to-proof or introduction-to-proof course be taught with this textbook. You will learn the basic syntax languages used by Mathematicians. Luis Cota rated it really liked it Jul 17, The index is provided and extensive.

May 28, Ramesh marked it as to-read. A reversing of the order of Chapters 2 and 3 is also something I would recommend.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack – Download link

I belive that this book is not free This book is deprecrated This book is old and exists a newer version This book is absolutely useless Something different I understand the intention of the section, and I praise the author for putting in a section like ptoof since most mathematics textbooks do not, but it seemed to be “good or bad” instead of what the author stated, “good nook bad writing is sometimes a matter of opinion. However, in your calculus class you were probably far moreconcerned with how that theorem could be applied than in understandingwhy it is true.

His writing is lucid and structured just as well as the book is with sentences that are explicit and clear and consistent. I found no discrepancies while reading. Hammack text proceeds with one major topic per chapter suitable for discussing most chapters in one to two class periods.

Hmmack author provides a nice suggested organization at the beginning, but I have deviated a bit and this book is fine for that. The Creative Commons License allows you to freely use or share the book’s PDF, in full or in part, provided you acknowledge it as the Author’s work.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack. This book is, honestly, my first encounter with a thorough introduction to rigorous reasoning and argumentation. This text has been bokk in classes at: It is a bridge from the computational courses such as calculus or differential equations that students typically encounter in their first year of college to a more abstract outlook.


The book starts with the basics of set book, logic and truth tables, and counting. The text is written in a conversational tone that is easy for students to follow. Want to Read saving….

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

You have learned to solveequations, compute derivatives and integrals, multiply matrices and finddeterminants; and you have seen how these things can answer practicalquestions about the real world.

It is designed to be bopk textbook for a bridge course that introduces undergraduates to abstract mathematics. The writing style of the text is best described as direct. The examples used are from mathematics and largely devoid of references to any particular culture or background. No trivia or quizzes yet.

We will not need to prepare students with introductions to other proof techniques except perhaps proof by computer?

These techniques will be useful in more advanced mathematics courses, as well as courses in statistics, computers science, and other areas. Forexample, in computing the area under a curve, you use the fundamentaltheorem of calculus. Themathematical techniques and procedures that you have learned and usedup until now have their yammack in this theoretical side of mathematics. It is much clearer, readable and enjoyable compared to Velleman “How to Prove It:

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