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We first have to go to the land of nirvana, our sweet home. I an filled with contentment….

Now I journey back to the world of action. The Tree of Religions 6. It isn’t that the Supreme Soul causes sorrow.

There is no kingdom of Brahmins. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There has to be some reason. Here, you give the treasure of the imperishable jewels of knowledge.

26 best 7 Days Course of Brahma Kumaris images on Pinterest

There has to be the suffering of karma. How can you make effort without having an brahma is 7 days course or objective? There isn’t the faith that you are going to Baba. You are sustaining everyone with the imperishable jewels of knowledge.


Chulbul Pandey posted a video to his timeline — with Silky Gupta and 9 others. There is happiness when an illness goes away. Truly, Maya, Ravan, turned you away. This is why it is necessary to keep the picture of the Trimurti in front of them. Do you not have as much wisdom as a tortoise?

You are commenting using your WordPress. Maya makes you make mistakes and brahma is 7 days course you fall and then Baba makes you free from mistakes so that you can ascend.

This is Shiv Baba and this is Prajapita Brahma. Even before the deity religion, there is the Brahmin religion, which is called the topknot. What is the mistake for which Bharat becomes so unhappy? You also know that this is an old body.

I an filled with contentment… Now I brahmq back to the world of action. His heart would move away from those parents and be connected to these parents. The land of death will end and then the golden age will definitely come.


You now know who made you forget and the reason why you forgot. The seed has all the knowledge of the tree: If you want to claim your inheritance, simply remember Me. In the same way, you are now engaged to Shiv Baba.


This is the land of death. I am regular reader of your blog long time.

You are karma yogis. If coutse is any suffering of karma, then, in order to remain cheerful, remember that your bodies are old shoes, that you are becoming those who will have bodies free from disease for 21 births and that your suffering dys karma is being settled for birth after birth. Therefore, He has to come here in order that He can brahma is 7 days course His own introduction. There is praise of Mama in the song.

You also have visions.


You are My children. Both exchange jewels of knowledge with one another and sustain one another. Therefore, you should remain happy.

This is your Godfatherly birthright. You have to spin the discus of self-realisation. These are record of my past karma. Some keep badges medals with them.

You also become the same by studying what Baba teaches. There are visible and invisible visions.

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