Brosimum alicastrum trees grow to heights of m; trunk may attain a diameter of m; bark is thin and contains a white, sticky latex. Leaves are simple. 15 Sep Known as yaxox in Mayan, the ramón tree stretches to heights of more than feet and provides habitat and nutrition for an array of rainforest. 12 May The preferred forage was the leaves and twigs of Brosimum alicastrum Sw. ( Moraceae), a common rain forest tree known locally as “ramon”.

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Assessment of tree fodder preference by cattle using chemical composition, in vitro gas production and in situ degradability.

brosimum alicastrum

Publisher Weinheim Year ISBN – Description An excellent and very comprehensive guide but it only gives very short descriptions of the uses without allicastrum details of how to utilize the plants. Leaves and young branches are commonly fed to livestock, representing a soucre of nutrition that is especially important during the dry season. Digestibilities of DM, protein, hemicellulose and energy were higher for brosumum leaves than for leucaena. The fruit is highly prized by pigs. Timber Local Uses Its wood is important in a variety of local uses, such as in interior carpentry and construction, and simple furniture, particleboard, plywood, forms, lasts, saddles, tools, and sports equipment.

The seeds brodimum cooked or toasted, and are eaten whole, as if they were chestnuts. Rotary Veneer Cutting Easy in veneering processes. Indistinct or absent growth rings.

One tree can produce about 40 kg of seeds, which are relished by pigs. Cattle Heifers When fresh leaves of breadnut were offered ad libitum with fresh elephant grass Pennisetum purpureumheifers about kg BW ate up to 3 kg DM of breadnut leaves and almost 6 kg DM of elephant grass Sandoval-Castro et al.


Ramón Tree

Publisher Kampong Publications, California. Digestible energy was 6. Effects of Brosimum alicastrum and Lysiloma latisiliquum mixtures on voluntary intake, nutrient digestibility and nitrogen. Fresh leaves of Brosimum alicastrum are a potential forage for rabbits. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. Useful trees of the tropical region of North America.

Certified Forest Producers bozovich. The leaves, seeds and entire fruits are eaten aalicastrum animals. Windshelter, shade provider and afforestation Breadnut provides good shade and is a valuable windshelter for other crops Burns et al. Non Timber Uses It is a multipurpose tree. Flowering occurs at various times between November and May, or in some areas eg. In certain areas there may wlicastrum two production peaks eg.

Cabinet – Propiedades y usos de la madera de Masica Brosimum alicastrum Swartz. The chicleros would encounter a dense stand of ramon, start cutting the branches, alicaastrum eventually notice that the trees were growing on the finely-worked stones and carvings of a Mayan temple.

Ramón Tree (Brosimum alicastrum) | Rainforest Alliance

Effect of the consumption of Lysiloma latisiliquum on the larval establishment of gastrointestinal nematodes in goats. Doctoral dissertation, Universidad de El Salvador.

Retrieved from ” https: It can be prepared in numerous other dishes. At the end of the experiment both supplements resulted in higher intake but breadnut showed a quadratic increase which suggested that animals fed on breadnut foliage had reached their digestive capacity since breadnut foliage is bulky. It has a large seed covered by a thin, citrus-flavored, orange-colored skin favored by a number of forest creatures.

It was suggested that it could be due to metabolizable energy content, which is lower in breadnut seeds than in cereals.

Both faces are glabrous. Webarchive template wayback links Alicastrkm with ‘species’ microformats All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Sawing High silica content makes it somewhat difficult to saw.


As it was observed for most of the wild or domestic herbivorous animals Carter,these leaves are more relished by rabbits than most of the other tropical forages Cruz-Bacab, ; Safwat et al. Pruning is not only important for forage yield but also for the tree that makes better quality regrowth after pruning Burns et al.

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Fresh seeds can be boiled and eaten or dried for storage and then ground into a meal from which a sort of bread can be made. Because of their good protein content similar to legume forageshigh DMD and protein digestibility, breadnut leaves are a good forage supplement which can be used during the dry season with low nutritive value forage. Sheep In Yucatan, Mexico, breadnut leaves were either offered ad libitum as a supplement to Pelibuey and Black belly sheep 13 kg grazing medium quality pasture or as a sole forage supplemented with g concentrate for more than 2 months.

Staining Easy to lacquer. Though it is native to moist forests, it is unique for its tolerance of drought conditions and is typically one brlsimum the most abundant trees in a forest ecosystem—an indication of its centuries-long cultivation by indigenous communities.

Brosimum alicastrum

Color Very pale, brown-colored wood with no appreciable difference between heartwood and sapwood. In some areas eg.

The species has male and female trees, which is why some trees do not bear fruit. References Calvino, ; Lozano et al. The wood is also used for firewood and charcoal.

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