View and Download Brunton user manual online. Brunton User Guide . Compass pdf manual download. View and Download Brunton 15TDCL user manual online. Brunton 15TDCL Compasses: User Guide. 15TDCL Compass pdf manual download. The Brunton Compass. A. Parts of the Brunton Pocket Transit. 1. compass- measuring magnetic bearing. 2. clinometer- measuring vertical inclination of planes.

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One method of constructing magnetic lines is simply extend the magnetic arrow on the map with a straight edge, Then we use the brunton compass manual line as a reference to draw parallel lines at about one-inch intervals. During the day, you navigate by the sun and at night by the stars.


If the clinometer, barrel-shaped level is not centered in this position, gently move the box off the plane and slightly turn the clinometer, and lay the box back on the plane while aligning the edge with brunton compass manual line.

On each limb, the fabric data of minor folds may have a homogeneous distribution. Adjust the lid with the index fingers until the bull’s eye level is apparent brunton compass manual the mirror.

Thus, if you were in the field and a mountain peak. For this purpose, the compass below would work fine. Hold your breath, and read the bearing indicated by the black or white needle whichever is apparent in the mirrorthat is, the strike of the plane in the mirror brunton compass manual moving the box or brunton compass manual off level.


Thus, both trend and plunge are scalars; together they define the line vector. Then it becomes overcast for several long days.

Brunton compass

Page 2 Declination Declination Adjusting Adjusting for for Declination Declination Before using your Brunton compass, it is advisable to make sure it brunton compass manual properly adjusted to compensate for the local angle of declination.

With the sighting line pointing straight to. Dip is the inclination of an inclined plane. Unlike brunton compass manual modern compasses, the Brunton Pocket Transit utilizes magnetic induction damping rather than fluid to damp needle oscillation.

In other words, don’t keep switching from one method to another when recording data or you’ll quickly become confused. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Unlike analogue compasses, a digital compass relies on an accelerometer and a teslameter, and may brunton compass manual much information as to the reliability of a measurement e. Geology in the Field.

Structural geologists use compasses to create geologic maps and measure the orientations of geologic structures. The long sighting arm, attached to the box with a hinge, has a long, oval rectangular cutout or slot for reading linear objectsand a tiltable sighting tip, which is used for aligning the line of sight.

The correct name for this end of the needle is “north seeking pole”. For a magnetic brunton compass manual 15 deg; east of true north, you would turn the compass ring such that the index pin was over 15 deg; i.


The Breithaupt compass is another example. Don’t show me this message again.

Brunton 15TDCL User Manual

Add to my manuals Add. We’ll discuss this important fact shortly.

The general, dominant direction of the dip is identified geographically by checking the down-dip direction by centering the bull’s eye level and finding out where the principal geographic directions are. For an east declination of 16o, turn the card east i. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved from ” https: This is a case where many inexperienced geologists can make a common, critical mistake!

See Compton, for maintaining the compass. To determine the orientation of the plane that contains the two lines, brunton compass manual the lines as two points on the stereonet, and align them on the same great circle. Now that we know the strike line the horizontal brunton compass manualwe need to read its bearing brunton compass manual by eye-level or waist-level sighting.

In this position, we are looking edgewise along the plane.

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