Langston Hughes’ “Cora Unashamed” is probably one of my favorite short stories . The Ways of White Folks is probably even one of my favorite. In the short story “Cora Unashamed,” by. Langston Hughes, Cora Jenkins is a black maid for the Studevant family in Iowa. In this particular town. Summary The author Langston Hughes provides an emotional story about African-American Ma Jenkins and her eldest daughter Cora worked as servants for.

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This is how Cora and Joe part. Melton had no charm about it. Since all the colored people of the shprt knew that each one of these men had been intimate with the girl, they wondered what would happen at her funeral.

Jessie’s mother is very blunt and harsh towards her children expecting perfection. To me this smile suggest that she is happy with her decision to tell the truth and is not planning to return to the house to work.

At one point, when Cora is consoling the mistreated Jessie, Peacock has her say, “Rise up like a cloud and drift away. Studevant Cherry Jones is given substantial screen time; her husband Michael Gastononly mentioned in the story, and their relationship are both added elements.

Langston Hughes brought his renowned art as a poet to the writing ocra prose as well, writing that is sometimes deceptively plain on the surface, but is highly focused and densely packed with image and irony.


The Studevants thought they owned her, and they were perfectly right: After this she is gets angry and numb to the world. The minister preached her funeral. Melton was one of those miserable in-between little places, not large enough to be a town, nor small enough to be a village that is, a village in the rural, charming sense of the word.

The essential plot line has been retained, expanded from the original story with incidents and dialogue added.

Cora Unashamed

Rise up like a cloud and drift away. The undertaker who had courted her took charge of her body. Cora has a daughter, the child of a brief love affair with a white boy passing through.

You Cora, give Rover a bath in that tar soap I bought. Through no fault of the acting, though, the fleshed-out role of Mrs. February 13, Author: Jessie becomes pregnant, much to her mother’s dismay. Like Liked by unashames person. She is a loving woman and stpry love transcends the ugliness of her experience; she is true to herself and unashamed of her loving, regardless of the unfounded disapproval of others.

Cora Unashamed by Emily Coppola on Prezi

She constantly belittles Jessie. Cora, come here…Cora, put…Cora…Cora…Cora! Posted by Dinah Freeman February 28, Pa drives a junk wagon. Seven kids are gone. Cora was like a tree—once rooted, she stood, in spite of storms and strife, windand rocks, in the earth.

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Cherry Jones, one of the finest performers in the American theater, finds all the pinched meanness in her portrait of a selfish and self-centered woman. She reveals everything about the secret abortion in front of Jessie’s casket at the funeral. Her daughter Josephine also has a love for words.

She gets angry with God. The film begins in Melton, Iowa. The years pass and when Jessie is in high school she finds a love of her own, with attendant complications.

Cora Unashamed a Synopsis and Review

December 20, at 2: I began to turn over in my mind a story that a young lawyer in California, Loren Miller, had told me. She constantly asks Cora what certain words mean. Cora speaks out for Jessie and finally, painfully, Mr. I’m going to rewatch the scene.

“Cora Unashamed” by Langston Hughes

Posted by Blacks in Period Films April 06, After the abortion Jessie becomes ill from infection. After more flashbacks we have learnt that Joe is from California and is part of a union. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Mendel Jan 1,

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