Cracks [Sheila Kohler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Talk with Sheila Kohler, author of Cracks and One Girl Zoland: In Cracks there is . A group of South African women who were all members of a boarding-school swimming team revisit a shared and haunted past in Kohler’s polished, compact. Official Trailer for Cracks. The director is Jordan Scott, and Ridley and Tony Scott are the executive producers on the film. Rosalie Swedlin, Christine Vachan.

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They are all on the swim team, and queens of the school because of it. However, being beautiful, rich, well read, and an excellent swimmer, everyone had some level of obsession with Fiamma.

Also, we were always going to chapel, learning to turn the other cheek. It was a shela that had enormous potential due to it’s taboo plot, but it just fell short.

Cracks: Sheila Kohler: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Mar 19, Ginny rated it it was amazing. Sheila Kohler’s novel is set in rural South Africa, but Kohler is no Nadine Gordimer, and the politics of Apartheid and the contempt for Afrikaners crackd a marginal bearing on the plot of the novel.

Knowing the inevitable conclusion of this novel made all the adolescent sonnet snippets and slow paced fixation on scenery kohlef decor unbearable. Who grows up to be a writer. Have any of these people ever BEEN year-old girls?

At first, I was nervous to read this, because Cracks is one of my favorite movies. Like, I was massively thrown off when ‘Sheila Kohler’ existed as a character who, shockingly, becomes an author!

May 02, Matty rated it really liked it. I would kohlr recommend this book. I was surprised though that the girls, now back at the school as adults, did not atone more for their actions. Last, but not least, is the ultimate breakdown of humanity by bullying kids not understanding the consequences of their actions. Sheila Kohler was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, the younger of two girls.

Cracks (novel) – Wikipedia

We read nineteenth century literature exclusively, and our history lessons stopped before the first world war, which was considered too recent to be taught. All the girls on the swim team have what they call “cracks” crushes on Miss G, who is one strange and inappropriate lady, to say the least. We learn right off the bat that Fiamma disappears, and that mystery does remain central to the story, but this is not a mystery, it’s something far more ambitious.


I would highly recommend it if you can handle adult situations. I would suggest the movie since it is toned down and a lot is taken out for that reason. The confusing characters weren’t just emotionally and shejla unstable, they were genuinely all over the place. The film’s characters were more complex and well-developed, the storyline was cleaned up into a great narrative, and the dialogue was less cloying. It is simply a device to make the reader believe that what one’s writing is all true – to blur the lines zheila fiction and nonfiction.

If crafted correctly, such books can be amazing reading experiences, but unfortunately Cracks fell short.

Cracks the movie

Sep 08, Rebecca rated it it was ok. Fiamma, the enigmatic daughter of an Italian aristocrat and with whom Miss G becomes obsessed, leading to sexual jealousy and suspicion among the rest of the team, with tragic results.

I like that it’s written in a way where you’re not sure who the narrator is, and it gives off the feeling that the book is written by a johler of girls who act as one. Of course, the place, and parts of the characters, are real, but the plot or story is invented.

Kohler’s book, as I said, takes place primarily in a girls’ boarding school in South Africa in the ‘s those looking for discussions about the political situation in South Africa sheilla be disappointed; the sheeila and racial issues are only hinted at and never addressed directly.

As we get more familiar with each of the 12—intellectual Ann, bohemian Fuzzie, athletic Di, woebegone Meg—it becomes clear that their resentment of Fiamma went far beyond the usual teenage intolerance for the foreign and unusual: Dec 05, Maggie Hensien rated it really liked it.

Books by Sheila Kohler. I loved the first person plural and the lengthy descriptions of the South African landscape.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. I dunno, maybe I would have been more engrossed by the story if I hadn’t known what happened to Fiamma already, thanks to the movie but those who have seen the movie will still be surprised – the circumstances of Fiamma’s death differ greatly in the book. There is no explanation for why the girls were obsessed with Miss G; there’s no background for why this is, especially when she’s written to be so abusive.


But when she found Fiamma more special than everyone else, it drew the ire of them all, despite of her known mental instability. Published init was chosen as one of the best books of the year by both Newsday and Library Journal. Instead of focusing on a single main character, Kohler makes the girls into one single group entity, which both reinforces the terrifying groupthink of the girls and emphasizes how they are all collectively responsible for what happened to Fiamma.

All I knew when I matriculated was that would either have to lea.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Getting right into it, I picked up the novel Cracks after Sneila found out that the film, which I sheilaa not yet seen but wanted to, was based on it. Jan 26, Mel L-C rated it it was amazing Shelves: The story is told from a “we” perspective by one of the swim team members, some 40 years later, after the girls meet back at the school for a reunion. I could go on about the laughably bad ending, the snippets of the worst and most useless poetry I have ever encountered, etc.

I’m going with the first explanation, because that’s the only way I’ll be able to to sleep at night. Consequently, it’s difficult to care about any of them. Sbeila years later, thirteen members of the missing girl’s swimming team gather at their old boarding school for a reunion, and look back to the long, dry weeks leading to Fiamma’s disappearance.

Cracks by Sheila Kohler Goodreads Author.

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