Crisis en tierras infinitas on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Crisis en tierras infinitas, coleccion [Varios] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. buen estado, completa en 12 numeros.

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Lonely, hated by those around him, and Just as good as I remember it from when I first read it in mids as a kid. The groundwork for the series was laid the year before it was published. Jun criwis, Nick rated it it was ok. Anyway, the story had a lot of heavy lifting to do.

Crisis on Infinite Earths | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

That number grew swiftly, criisis for plot and copyright reasons. However, “simplifying” the continuity had some unforeseen repercussions. So we have an unstoppable force tearing through the Multiverse, and it is up to The Monitor and Our Heroes to stop him.

The Spectre unites the heroes and villains by warning them about the Anti-Monitor’s plan; the heroes travel back in time to stop the Anti-Monitor, while the villains travel back in time to the ancient planet Oa to prevent renegade scientist Krona from creating the technology necessary for the Anti-Monitor’s plan to succeed.

On many scales, from the small-scale of characters like Hawk and Dove or the Losers, all the way up to the big guns of Superman, the Flash and Supergirl, the idea of what it means to be a good person is presented over and over again: At this point, i was more like Robin! There was also Earth-3, where the intinitas of our favorite heroes were villains, and the only hero on the planet was Luthor.


The Anti-Monitor recruits Psycho-Pirate to his cause, infusing him with part of his power to manipulate the heroes of Earth-4, Earth-S and Earth-X against the rest; this fails when all five Earths enter the limbo universe. Some die without fanfare while others die in the most grand way possible. Skip to content You are here: The heroes from 6 earths must fight on numerous fronts not only through the different universes but different times in order to save their respective home worlds.

The Flash Ibfinitas Allen dies stopping this attempt.

It was a risk DC was willing to take, because my thoughts were that DC needed a lot of help at that time, and they did too.

Cover of Crisis on Infinite Earths 1 April The heroes and villains tirrras through the meat grinder and the multiverse was very nearly destroyed.

Not a bad way to start a book, eh? It is difficult to know where to start when reviewing this book due to the sheer scale of it.

Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman

The dialogue flowed well. DC Universe Justice League: Fortunately, Marv Wolfman and George Perez were up for the task. This was one of the first of these dastardly things – the crossover. Paperbackpages.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

My journey is a fifth of the way done. Many readers at the time saw them as old fashioned. Giordano warned readers that “odd occurrences” would begin to happen throughout DC’s comics. But the art really is quite good, for the time. As you can probably guess, I really like this story.


The series had an immediate effect on DC, dividing the company’s history into two eras: The Earth we know is in the positive matter universe.

This is why I read Marvel in the 80s. Even the art I found amazing. En resumen ha sido una lectura muy contradictoria. That story had humor, whimsy, a compelling, straightforward narrative, a lightness of touch and real suspense. When matter and antimatter collide, there is a huge burst of energy as the two forms of matter vaporize each other. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that this storyline is a milestone when it comes to multiverses and parallel realities in comicbooks and that is why everyone who calls themselves a comicbook fan must have this in their “read” library!

While the story is hokey by today’s standards, in it was pretty revolutionary. By the time the story starts, only five to eight universes still exist hence five to eight earths. So, what do you do when you know next to nothing about the DC Universe? It grates a bit. Decades of hapless continuity, old, faded characters and a squeaky-clean image had made the company a laughing stock.

So, The Monitor, a powerful being aware of this crisis, is calling a group of heroes to deal against this disaster. I can understand that some infiniyas wouldn’t like it, because it is VERY long and very confusing at times.

Do it again you idiot, we got pages to fill!

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