Read online or download PDF • Page 7 / 52 • DeWalt 12″ COMPOUND MITER SAW DW User Manual • DeWalt Power saws. DW | MITRE SAW Type 1 Download Area / Documents. Manual Instruction Manual. Europe. Manual Drawings. Etif About DEWALT Service. received all parts. In addition to this instruction manual, the carton should contain: 1. One No. DW miter saw. 2. One DEWALT 12″ dia. saw blade. 3.

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To do so may cause tipping and loss of control, leading to personal injury. Any help is appreciated. I replaced the trigger thinking that was the problem but I got the same results.

My question, Is my theory plausible.

DeWALT 12 Inch Miter Saw | DW |

If looking through the DeWalt DW user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:. Do not lift, support, or carry the miter saw. Check the rear lower guard to ensure that it is located such that the saw blade is in the center and equidistant from each side, as shown in Figures 6 and 7.

If the saw blade is not exactly perpendicular to the fence, loosen the three screws that hold the miter scale to the base shown in Fig.


Is there anything I can do to refresh the motor? Keeping the button depressed, use the other hand and LOCK of control, leading to personal injury.


Do not lift, support, or carry the miter saw by the extension kit. It looks a little intimidating, but it’s really not a tough repair. I have a dw type 1 miter saw.

Hi, That sounds like a bad bearing that is being stressed when the brake goes on. When mitering to the right side of a base molding wider than 3. I am looking for the part number manuap name I need to buy to recenter the blade on the shaft. Hi John, I am not sure what the srt is that you dwealt to.

With the miter clamp knob loose allow the miter latch to snap into place as you rotate the miter arm past zero.

Dewalt DW 12″ Miter Saw dtestin.

The trigger tests fine. But, I also know, on a drill press, a wobble is caused by a warped spindle.

DeWalt DW705 Saw User Manual

Again, thanks for dw05 input. To test your set up joint a board so you know it is perfectly straight on one edge. I ordered a replacement switch kit, it came with a different switch and clam shell. Look for worn bushings or cracked housings.

I dwalt a starting problem, can you help: I am new to this forum and I do a lot of handyman work for friends and for clients. My only concern is that there could be other problems. I added one of the Irwin lasers. I don’t want to spend a ton of money replacing posible problems armature when I could just use the the saw for parts for an older but still working model of the same saw I already own.


Please email me at link removed Thanks again. I think I have had it for 20 years, now it needs a edwalt. Stalling or partial stalling of motor can caus Summary of the content on the page No.

I suspect the brake field and the run field were energized simultanously and smoked the break field with the wrong switch he tried to install. Remove the blade screw Eouter clamp washer Fand blade G. The brushes seem to be good. They just snap in. I’ve replaced the field and believe i put all wires back to dedalt original dwwalt, however the saw still does not want to start well and smokes some. If the armature were also bad then you might have to think twice before going forward with the repair.

Motor Sparking Excessivly markg.

Carbon Brush and Holder. Does anyone know the schematic of where these wires hook to the switch or the web site where I can find it?

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