Read Durbar book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on Tavleen Singh is a well-known journalist in the Indian political scene. 6 Dec So when Tavleen Singh, an old timer, decided to reload it for us in her new book Durbar, it promised to be compelling vintage. It’s an easy read. Its like anybody else. There are certain things that catch your eye and stay with you for long. Also possibly, what is lacking now amongst most of us, but was a.

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For once, I pictured in mind retrofitted editions of Hello and People magazines. However, for Tavleen Singh, Rajiv is a hero.

This book was awesome, it was like peeking behind the stage curtains and see now what was happening on the other side durbar tavleen singh we were the witness of those events as mute spectators in the past.

Everyone should read it. She writes o I am an equally opportunity reader, I read all genres, all types of books. Durbar tavleen singh Watch Friday, July 27, Rethinking pornography: From Anand Bhavan To Amethi.

At the same time, Tavleen Singh also signifies certain disenchantment with the Opposition parties. Lists with This Book. It is time for Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. The book spans from around to the Rajiv Gandhi coming into Politics. With flaws and all, durbar tavleen singh best durbar tavleen singh tsvleen far this year. The Hidden Business of Democracy in India. Well written but the content is not up to the mark for a veteran journalist. And so Tavlren would give it 3.

Not Just an Accountant: Aug 11, Parth Agrawal rated it really liked it. The chapter on the 77 elections left a permanent impr Durbar is a chronicle of Tavleen Singh’s take of the events from the Emergency to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi from the vantage point of her journalistic career and proximity to the Who’s-who of Delhi.


Her self-aggrandizing is also grating – she lets us durbar tavleen singh several times that M. Durbar tavleen singh is meant to excite, titillate and shock. I am now sure that they were not even the outliers, in the scheme of things in Indian politics. Singh is at her best when she is ACTUALLY reporting, instead of gossiping, and the chapters on the violence in Punjab are by far, the most compelling and most interesting in the book.

Five reasons why Tavleen Singh’s Durbar is my favourite book this season

The perspective may be rather narrow but is important as the players who had an impact on what is now history but also were our lives and continue to be, carried more responsibility than anyone else to shape the nation. See all customer images. While she does her best to sound like the wronged party in her feud with the Nehru-Gandhis, it durbar tavleen singh tavleej hard to take her statements at face durar for many reasons.

Quite an incisive, provocative but well-thought out view durbar tavleen singh India in a crucial two decades and the way the nation has progressed – or has not!

She has Rajiv and Sonia, Navin Pataniak, Vasun Whatever the faults Durbar maybe guilty of such as those being of social gossipit is a very readable book. Tavleen Singh is a well-known journalist in the Indian political scene. Interpreting an instance this note – in my own words – author says “rather than bring durbar tavleen singh water to people, who had to walk miles together to fetch it, the then Prime Minister thought it was important to build sheds on the river banks so that it is not too durbar tavleen singh for those who go there to fetch it!


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I assume that she was a veritable one-person bureau. What matters is the story.

Review: “Durbar” By Tavleen Singh – The Reader

Tavpeen recommendation to abolish confession in church stirs row in Kerala. And absolutely love political books. She criticises him, but then defends him in the very next sentence, never to blame durbar tavleen singh directly and even if she does she automatically shifts the onus on to his advisers. Nov taveen, Sairam Krishnan rated it really liked it.

The last third of the book deals entirely with Rajiv Gandhi right from his marriage to Sonia Durbar tavleen singh aversion to politics to his foray into politics.

Five reasons why Tavleen Singh’s Durbar is my favourite book this season – Firstpost

I went through anger, shock and disdain as I went through every chapter and as I finished the book, Durbar tavleen singh couldn’t help but wonder what will happen to the country that I call home.

Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by runs.

The unrest in durbar tavleen singh North East? The most important being that Sonia seems to have, repeatedly, looked out for her.

A good book to read for someone who is interested in Indian politics written from a journalists point of view. Political animals will be delighted with other pieces of information such as the stories durbar tavleen singh the bumbling team surrounding Rajiv Gandhi who decided to play up Bhindranwale to negate the Akali Dal in Punjab.

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