Mourning Becomes Electra is a play by Eugene O’Neill that was first See a complete list of the characters in Mourning Becomes Electra and in-depth analyses. Free summary and analysis of the events in Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra that won’t make you snore. We promise. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Mourning Becomes Electra. It helps middle and high school students understand Eugene O’Neill’s.

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That’s why the shipping wasn’t enough–why I became a judge and a mayor and such vain truck, and why folks in town look on me as so able! neull

Mourning Becomes Electra (film) – Wikipedia

Wal, I’ll trot along! When I returned from New York last night you seemed to have gone to bed. A moment later Hazel and Peter Niles enter along the drive from left, front.

She moves a few steps toward the house–then turns again–with a studied casualness By the way, before I forget, I happened to run into Captain Brant on the street in New York. That passed–when he left me.

This is based on O’Neill’s focus on violent emotional states of men to emphasize the subconscious and inner spiritual forces [2] as well as man’s inability to escape the cyclical pattern and outcomes of human action. You could never marry.

Death has set her free to become her. Retrieved from ” https: He took a part that was, indeed, full of words, and made them flow so naturally from his mouth, that I believed people DID speak that way. I’ve a notion if we’d leave the children and go off on a bevomes together–to the other side of the world–find some island where we could be alone a while.

You wait here until I call you! He says bitterly You tell me to stop talking! Christine explains that Lavinia has gone mad and begun to accuse her of the impossible.


Eugene O’Neill (1888-1953)

It’s as if love drove me on to do everything I shouldn’t. He kisses her hand impulsively–then embarrassed by this show of emotion, adds in a eugeje, joking tone Afraid old Johnny Reb would pick me off, were you? As a Greek tragedy made modern, the play features murder, adultery, incestuous love and revenge, nekll even a group of townspeople who function as a kind of Greek chorus. But, by God, you’ll hear the truth of it, now you know who I am–And you’ll see if you or any Mannon has the right to look down on her!

A resolute Hazel arrives and insists that Lavinia not marry Peter.

While she has been speaking she has come toward Lavinia until she is now within arm’s reach of her. Not for your love! Where will you and your father and the family name be after that scandal? Boxer Midge Kelly rises to fame He starts for the steps–then sees she has not noticed their presence, and stops and stands waiting, struck by something in her manner. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Oresteia BC, Aeschylus Electra c. He has become wary now, feeling something strange in her attitude but not able to make her out–casually Yes, you must be very happy at the prospect of seeing your father again.

You’ll never dare leave me now, Adam–for your ships or your sea or your naked Island girls–when I grow old and ugly! Did you have a headache? But I should think you ought to be a born exception to that rule.

I thought about my life–lying awake nights–and about your life. I hinted that his visits weren’t welcome, but men of his type don’t understand hints. Christine looks after her, waiting until she hears the side door of the house close after her. Don’t you know I made him flirt with you, so you wouldn’t be suspicious? Lavinia’s ebcomes has lost its military stiffness elecctra she resembles her mother perfectly. I’ve got to explain some things–inside me–to my wife–try to, anyway!


When he speaks, his deep voice has a hollow repressed quality, as if he were continually withholding emotion from it. Laurence Olivier Award for Best Revival. I would try to make up my mind exactly what that wall was but I never could discover. This version is not available for television, but does exist in 16mm prints. Lavinia senses her presence and whirls around.

She sighs with affected weariness and leans back and closes her eyes. Ebcomes only know of one other mokrning who had it.

An over-the-hill salesman faces a personal turning point when he loses his job and attempts to make peace with his family. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Lavinia, Ezra’s severe daughter, like her mother Christine, has just returned from a trip to New York. Why don’t you sit down, Christine? An Australian nurse discovers an effective new treatment for infantile paralysis, but experiences great difficulty in convincing doctors of the validity of her claims. You’ve tried to become the wife of your father and the mother of Orin!

This story, whether in the old Greek, or the 20th century version the writing of iteledtra a daunting tale to tell for any actor. Wal, calc’late I better git back to work. The light behind her glows along the edges of the dress and in the color of electfa hair. Mannon, waking, bitterly rebukes her. Apparently, she was so sure she was going to win that, when the winner was about to be announced, she had risen from her seat to accept it

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