Euphorbia erythraeae () Fl. Trop. Afr. [Oliver et al.] 6(): [Mar ] (nom. illeg., Art. ). Accepted Scientific Name: Euphorbia. Euphorbia candelabrum are succulent house plants that are fairly uniform in size and shape. The distinctive shape resembles a candelabra, hence the name. Candelabrum spurge has such an exotic form that it has become a popular landscape plant. This one is on the grounds of a safari hotel at.

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Latex constituents of Euphorbia candelabrum, Euphorbia grantii, Euphorbia tirucalli and Synadenium grantii. Euphorbia erythraeae is one of candelabbrum innumerable local form of the very variable Euphorbia abyssinica. Has cream, yellow and pale-green variegated stems. Subspecies, varieties, forms and cultivars of plants belonging to the Euphorbia candslabrum group.

Kenya trees, shrubs and lianas. Medicinal plants of the Shinasha, Agew-awi and Amhara peoples in northwest Ethiopia. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum in the Serengeti Scientific classification Kingdom: Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 44k – jpg rrrmarina.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles containing Oromo-language text All stub articles. National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya. Despite the many traditional medicinal uses, not much is known concerning the chemistry and pharmacology of Euphorbia candelabrum.


Euphorbia candelabrum

But young plant are happy growing indoors, where they can easily reach the ceiling. Towards community management of the forest of the Lost Child. Euphorbia ampliphylla Pax synonym: The tigliane, daphnane and ingenane diterpenes. Its latex is used to produce a gasoline-like substitute. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – uephorbia – jpg www. Columnar, angular branches, cm wide, constricted into ovate segment approx. An ethanol extract of the stem showed low toxicity in the brine-shrimp test.

Euphorbia candelabrum, a question of validity Euphorbiaceae. Latex is applied to wounds to accelerate healing.

Euphorbia candelabrum tree habit CopyLeft EcoPort. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia candelabrum x – 48k – jpg www. Euphorbia candelabrum 1, habit; 2, top of branch.

Euphorbia euphirbia is a striking tree, growing in dry deciduous and evergreen open wooded grasslands, on rocky slopes, sometimes on termite mounds, from sea-level up to m altitude.

It is very drought resistant but susceptible to frost. Usually 4 but up to 8 in juvenile specimens very deep, vertical or slightly twisted with thin walls and shallow ruphorbia teeth up to12 mm apart. The fish poison is prepared by soaking a bundle of grass in the latex, tying it to a xandelabrum and throwing it into the water. African Study Monographs 20 1: Plant concepts and plant use; an ethnobotanical survey of the semi-arid and arid lands of East Africa.


Haile Selassie I University,p.

It is definitely more tender than Euphorbia ammak or Euphorbia ingens Warning: Place the cutting in a warm, bright and slightly humid spot, to increase the building of new roots. Euphorbia candelabrum Euphorbia trigona x – 98k – jpg www.

Euphorbia candelabrum | plant |

Euphorbia comprises about species and has a worldwide distribution, with at least species occurring in continental Africa and about in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean islands. The latex of Euphorbia candelabrum contains highly irritant ingenol diterpene esters. The latex also contains about Latex is taken in milk or eaten with bread to treat gonorrhoea or ascariasis.

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