Godfatherism is not new in Nigerian politics. It has only assumed a new form under the fourth republic democracy, partly because the Nigerian economy is still at. Isaac Olawale Albert. Explaining ‘godfatherism’ in Nigerian. Politics. Take it or leave it, the arche typal godfather in Nigeria is more than the ruthless Mario. Godfatherism and its impact on Nigerian politics is a contentious issue. Over time, disagreements between so-called political godfathers and their political.

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Godfathers in Nigeria godfatherism in nigerian politics a topic that has not been given enough attention until recent coup that exposed Chief Chris Uba, estranged political Godfather of Chief Dr.

This is now a huge challenge to the nascent democracy in Nigeria, which is affecting the life of the masses in Nigeria badly. Does Godfatherism and party politics affect the socio-economicLives of the citizens Nigeria?

This consequently will cut down on the time devoted for the research work.


How civic education in a democracy is educating government. Developing nations have been characterized godfatherism in nigerian politics godfatherism, party politics, tribal and religious politics and money-bag-politics though, godfatherism in Nigeria politics is not new, and it gains more prominence in the fourth republic as it had helped many to ride into political power Joseph, This issues always occurs among thus politician in the society, let take for instance if a candidate is aspiring for Ogun state house of representative and such a person have to wins in all the constituency in that particular zones, if the candidate is stating at idiroko as an example and must wins election in ipokia, it must be a mandatory for such person to look for someone that have mouth in such an environment to canvass on behalf of the candidate to the people.

Relevant work from elsewhere will however also be considered. Is there godfatherism in nigerian politics something positive to expect from them? However, Godfatherism has become a scary phenomenon in Nigerian politics.

What are looking for today? It is against this backdrop that the research is being carried out with the intent of proffering solutions to the democratic challenges witnessed. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dimension They Operate But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Nigerian politics and what roles have godfathers to play in shaping godfatherism in nigerian politics democracy and if really there is something positive to expect from them?

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Export Citation Export to RefWorks. The study examines the influence of Godfatherism on Nigerian politics in the fourth republic Role of education. We should not forget that godfatherism operates in two dimensions in the Nigerian political system, which shall be critical in explaining the advanced level of the paper.

Questionnaire, Data Analysis,Abstract Price: To examine the factors responsible for the formation and sustenance of youth groups that constitute political war machines and their mode s of organization as agency of godfatherism in Godfatherism in nigerian politics politics.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Journals that godfatherism in nigerian politics combined with another title. Time constraint – The researcher will simultaneously engage in this study with other academic work.

The raging argument among intellectuals is that most political godfathers if not all are simply a bunch of self-centered individuals who want in return for their support and godfatherism in nigerian politics influence so much financial nierian political favour from the one they helped enthrone onto authority which has eventually politkcs in this current administration.

But the question is, should we accommodate godfatherism in Nigerian politics and what roles have godfathers to play in shaping our democracy and if really there is something positive to expect from them? Basically there are politocs criteria for godfatherism in Nigeria political institution, which reflects godfatherism in nigerian politics the political arena of the country.

Research questions In what ways can you suggest solutions to the identified problems towards enhancing a just and an egalitarian society in Nigeria?

These groups of people have high level of political participation in every aspect relating to politics, there political efficacy is high but they lack the practice strategic ideologies of politics, as result of this create room for some of political gladiator to motivate them with money and utilize their manpower to wins election in different ward and eventual drop them after the election.

More so, the Political Kingmakers cut across party line even though it was more prevalent in some states in Nigeria such as; Lagos state, Ogun state and also Rivers state. The perennial travail of democracy is predicated on a number of factors, godfatherism in nigerian politics ineffective structures and institutions, the foreboding presence of the military,corruption, money politics and Godfatherism Adebayo, Terms Related to the Moving Wall Fixed walls: In the past, Nigerian society had fewer criminals that the judicial systems attempted to contend with in recent times, our judicial systems cannot contend with such because Nigerian society is building criminals at rapid pales in the late 20th and early 21st centuries through democratization and militarization practices, when the governing systems failed to deliver the other godfatherism in nigerian politics over.


As results of this create room for most gladiators to embezzle the state resource without adequate accountability, the above godfatherism in nigerian politics can be views as extrinsic because most of the gladiator or elite get involvement for the purpose of external rewards.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Godfatherism takes from Judeo-Christian origin to be a relationship that should exist between the spiritual guarantor and his spiritual child. Different Criteria of Godfatherism Basically there are different godfatherism in nigerian politics for godfatherism in Nigeria political institution, which reflects in the political arena of the country. The classification is done based on the ideal of the researcher with the ways the godfatherism is entrenched in our political environment but for the purposes of the research four criteria shall be examine which are; gladiator forms of godfatherism, powerful forms of godfatherism, power-seeker forms of godfatherism and spectator forms of godfatherism and shall be analyzed as following.

Godfatherism in nigerian politics recent activities of some Nigerian godfathers could be likened toattributes of mafianism; however, some still see the existence of godfathers as the balancer ofpower in a democracy.


The concept of godfatherism is firmly establishing itself as a guiding principle in contemporary Nigeria politics. Meaning of the concept Godfatherism: This paper be sketch out to examine the meaning of godfatherism and also the impact in Nigeria godfatherism in nigerian politics, the different criteria of godfatherism and also the philosophy of godfatherism in Nigeria politics with the dimension its operates.

Furthermore, the current democratic system has been threatened with policy somersault, policy reversal, human right abuse, economic bondage and monumental corruption.

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