The Second Concerning the Son. I. Since I have by the power of the Spirit sufficiently overthrown the subtleties and intricacies of the arguments, and already. The Fifth Theological Oration. On the Holy Spirit. I. Such then is the account of the Son, and in this manner He has escaped those who would stone Him, passing. Oration 1 · Oration 2 · Oration 3 · Oration 7 · Oration 8 · Oration 12 · Oration 16 · Oration 18 · Oration 21 · Oration 27 First Theological Oration Oration 28 Second.

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But in this case the common nature has a unity which is only conceivable in thought; and the individuals are parted from one another thsological far indeed, both by time and by dispositions and by power. For every thing that is begotten is a silent word of him that begot it.

Irenaeus of Lyons Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching. Catholicism portal Saints portal. For it says all things that were made, and not simply all things. I will add another point to what I have said; one which may readily have come into the mind of some others, but which I think a fruit of my own thought.

Based on John Nazianzus took a stab at it anyway, using the model of human generation in the archetypal family. Do you not know that every number expresses the quantity of what is included under it, and not the nature of the things?

Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Western Theology: Gregory of Nazianzus

Moreover he is called Light as being the Brightness of souls cleansed by word and life. After which He arises to judge the earth, and to separate the saved from the lost. The poems that he wrote that dealt with his personal affairs refer to the continuous illness and severe sufferings physical and spiritual which assailed him during his last years. As for the arguments with which you would overthrow the Union which we support, I know not whether we should say you are jesting or in earnest.

This He said that He might not seem to be a rival God, or to make His discourses to them by another authority. Views Read Edit View history. So I will not be frightened by the argument that all things are said to have been made by the Son; as if the Holy Spirit also were one of these things.

Well then, here it is an acknowledged fact that different persons may have the same substance. The Ecumenical Legacy of theologival Cappadocians, pp. The cry of dereliction on the cross was not due to the withdrawal of either the Father or “his own Godhead,” but of his humanity representing us.

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For in ordinary language an image is a motionless representation of that which has motion; but in this case it is the living reproduction of the Living One, and is more exactly like than was Seth to Adam, or any son to his father. Words of God, speaking to Saul about David. It may, however, be worth while, and will be consistent with what has been already said, instead of passing over without remark the actual Titles of the Son there are many of them, and they are concerned with many of His Attributesto set before you the meaning of each of them, and to point out the mystical meaning of the names.

His heart and mind must be purified and illumined by the Holy Spirit. We will give the more perfect reason hereafter, when we discuss the question of the unwritten; for the present it will suffice to say that it is the Spirit in Whom we worship, and in Whom we pray.

The Egyptian and Macedonian bishops who had supported Maximus’s ordination arrived late for the Council. Of the latter, there are those titles that refer to the Son prior to the incarnation and those that belong properly to the incarnation. This then is, though not really fact, a figure of speech. And His working, now here now there, we call walking; for walking is change from one place to another.

An involuntary generation is a concept that does not fit the divine, but a voluntary generation would make the Son “a son of will” and, thus, not of the Father properly. Once there, they refused to recognise Gregory’s position as head of the church of Constantinople, arguing that his transfer from the See of Sasima was canonically illegitimate.

For it quivers with many rapid movements, and is not one rather than it is many, nor yet many rather than one; because by the swiftness of its union and separating it escapes before the eye can see it. Gregory was born of Greek parentage [6] in the family estate of Karbala outside the village of Arianzus, near Nazianzusin southwest Cappadocia.

The Five Theological Orations of S. According to this argument there must be Four worlds, two made by the Father, and two by the Son. Away with a suspicion so truly slavish and unworthy of the Spirit! Thank you for your good works, may they be a blessing to you as well! There remains for us to interpret the passage about His receiving commandment, and having kept His Commandments, and done always those things that please Him; and further concerning His being made perfect, and His exaltation, and His learning obedience by the things which He suffered; and also His High Priesthood, and His Oblation, and His Betrayal, and His prayer to Him That was able to save Him from death, and His Agony and Bloody Sweat and Prayer, and such like things; if it were not evident to every greggory that such words are concerned, not with That Nature Which is unchangeable and above all capacity of orafions, but with the passible Humanity.


St. Gregory the Theologian – Theological Orations

Nazianzus applied a theologicall between terms which do differ in the case of parent and child and those to whom the terms apply which are of the same nature, whether human or divine. And if any one should say that this Name was given Him because. If it is unceasing, divine generation is perpetually incomplete, an idea incompatible with deity.

So important then, and so vivid are His Names.

Fourth Theological Oration (Oration 30)

You are fashioning your argument as if it concerned some robber, or some hostile deity. Clearly Gregory does not believe that people outside the orthodox faith can be argued into orthodoxy by logic and proofs. And an indication of this is found in the fact that wherever the Natures are distinguished in our thoughts from one another, the Names are also distinguished; as you hear in Paul’s words, “The God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of Glory.

After that He is to stand as God in the midst of gods, that is, of the saved, distinguishing and deciding of what honour and of what mansion each is worthy. But each of these Persons possesses Unity, not less with that which is United to it than with itself, by reason of the identity of Essence and Power.

I had forgotten to include it when I first published my blog article yesterday. Do you tell me what is the Unbegottenness of the Father, and I will explain to you the physiology of the Generation of the Son and the Procession of the Spirit, and theologjcal shall both of us be frenzy-stricken for prying into the mystery of God.

On the one hand they are used sometimes in respect of deficiency of strength, sometimes in respect of theologicap, and sometimes relatively to a certain object; as for instance, A Child cannot be an Athlete, or, A Puppy cannot see, or fight with so and so.

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