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Figure 3 shows the design relevant model on perceptual crossing between person and artefact with perceptive qualities. As the results on preference, pleasantness and feeling of involvement are similar we discuss them together. As explained before, perception is here considered active. For detailed match results, click here.

The use of a static matrix of sensors means that, without manipulation within the algorithm, the artefact is sensitive at all sides all the time. A random condition is added as a control condition. We specifically aim at providing design relevant knowledge on how to design for new artefacts, that engage with people, in such a way that perceptual crossing, and therefore the feeling of sharing a common space, is possible.

This also goes for the descriptors referring to contact feeling in contact with and relationship feeling there is a relationship. If the other rubs a surface on the sensitive skin of the cheek this reveals to me that the surface feels soft or pleasant. Perception is not seen as an internal representation built upon the sensory input we gain: Design relevant theoretical model on perceptual crossing between two subjects people.

Despite this need for a more complex algorithm the use of a matrix of static sensors is preferred as it covers a wider range of design applications, e. Eat healthy, live longer. Right explorative participant that felt that they were being pulled in a direction by the active behaviour.

In this paper our main contribution is that we are able to bring forward design notions for synthesis that are directly based in theory. Zepter Lghtacts, Company Presentation.

The perception of this event is the result of the actions they undertake towards the event and the sensory feedback which this results in. For example, participant 12 noted: In this condition the pightacts body cannot sense the presence of a person.


In other words, perception is active since it is a result of actions we undertake and of the sensory feedback this results in, and vice versa.

By designing these perceptive qualities in an artefact the person and the artefact hypothetically are able to engage in perceptual crossing with each other and internationall share their perception of the environment.

The artefact should be motivated to explore, this way it becomes possible for a person to perceive its presence and to engage in an active interplay of attraction and escape. Overview of data comparing pleasantness in the active versus the random condition and in the following versus the random condition.

This gives the light more body. Cooking with no water, Drinking Sets from Zepter Home Art turn an everyday occasion into a celebration.

Prepare your food in the fast, easy and healthy way with our We found that the addition of an external event Figure 4 amends the course of interaction between the artefact and the person sharing a common space Deckers et al. The major finding is that participants in the active condition feel that they are significantly influenced by the behaviour of the light body. Contextual noise can be reflected in the perceptive activity of the artefact to create behaviour that is not anticipated but is a natural result of the context.

Natus Vincere

Therapy Air, the effective Air Purifying System. Collaboration with an lightacta partner on the development of the intelligent and interactive carpet shows the feasibility and market value of her work.

The feeling of being perceived and the degree of clarity of that perception hypothetically contributes to the preference for, pleasantness of and involvement in a condition. More activity in relation to the time is presented 2102 a darker spot, e.

Time internatiional not perceived through concepts like minutes or hours, but as a sense of the length of duration of our activity. This way the light body appears to slide towards a new position instead of popping up there.

After working there he moved to the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology where he earned his PhD in spatial perception on flat screens.

The dynamics of disappearing, of being there and then not, creates a tension between us.

Designing for Perceptual Crossing: Applying and Evaluating Design Notions

The light body follows the person in a continuous sustained way when the person walks around the artefactand focuses in the direction of the person 3.

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The numbers suggest that the active condition is clearer than the random and following condition. In Figure 4 this common space is internatonal by the addition of an intwrnational event.

In other words it did not rely on history or anticipate what could happen next. He did follow in the second but tried to get me in a direction and I was so stupid to do it.

This phenomenon is referred to as perceptual crossing and is the interplay of perceiving innternational being perceived. These students are trained in giving design critiques but are not aware of the ongoing research project and are unlikely to know about the theory underlying the project. To formalize the process, as suggested by Zimmerman, Stolterman, and Forlizziwe described the theoretical departure and the resulting design-relevant model Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, and Figure 4.

About this active relation between our body and the world, lighgacts. Table 3 gives per comparison an overview of the 212 gathered around the topic of clarity. The diameter of this circle corresponds with the seconds the participant was standing at that spot. In other words, based on the designed activity of the artefact, the person 1 should be able to perceive its presence, 2 perceive its perceptive actions, and 3 the person should be able to perceive its expressivity.

Kees Overbeeke studied psychology at the Katholieke Universititeit Leuven Theory is used as inspiration and is the basis for synthesis. He sadly passed away on October 8th The perceptive activity of the person should become meaningful to the artefact in the course of the interaction. In earlier research we set out perceptive activity in three components: The addition of an external event will enrich the common history a person can establish with the artefact in the course of their interaction.

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