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Archived from the original on 23 August In the West everything is cramped and enclosed, and this automatically produces a turning towards the self, inwards. I’d rather die in exile than return home with the help of Poland or England. The wholesomeness of Bunin’s character allowed him to avoid crises to become virtually the only author of the first decades of the 20th century to develop gradually and logically. In France Bunin published many of his pre-revolutionary works and collections of original novellas, regularly contributing to the Russian emigre press.

In his view on Russia and its history Bunin for a while had much in common with A. The symbolist’s flights of imagination and grotesque passions foreign to him, Bunin made nature his field of artistic research and here carved his art to perfection.

Archived from the original on 21 December At the bunon of the century Bunin made bunln major switch from poetry to prose which started to change both in form and texture, becoming richer in lexicon, more compact and perfectly poised. Inspeaking to his Communist counterparts in Paris, Bunin praised the Supreme Soviet’s decision to return Soviet citizenship to Russian exiles in France, still stopping short of bunkn “yes” to the continuous urging from the Soviet side for him to return.


As a purveyor of Socratic ideals, Bunin followed Leo Tolstoy; the latter’s observation about beauty being “the crown of virtue” was Bunin’s idea too. The two had initially been introduced to each other by writer Yekaterina Lopatina some years earlier, but it was their encounter at the house of the writer Boris Zaitsev in November [56] which led to an intense relationship which resulted in the couple becoming inseparable until Bunin’s dying day.

Novellas and short stories, — The three of us talked a bit. Ivan Bunin’s debut book of buni Poems.

I come from an old and noble house that has given Russia a good many illustrious persons in politics as well as in the arts, among whom two poets of the early nineteenth century stand out in particular: During the War years Bunin completed the preparation of a six-volume edition of his Collected Workswhich was published by Adolph Marks in Oktyabr magazine,No. Permission Reusing this file.

Iwan Bunin

Archived from the original on 28 August The situation was complicated by the fact that Leonid Zurov, who stayed with the Bunins as a guest for many years, was secretly in love with Vera of which her husband was aware ; this made it more of a “love quadrilateral” than a mere triangle.

The work is important for several reasons. He is regarded as a master of the short story, described by scholar Oleg Mikhaylov as an “archaist innovator” who, while remaining true to the literary tradition of the 19th century, made huge leaps in terms of artistic expression and purity of style.

Then all of a sudden our writer received an internationally acclaimed prize! And it’s this love that makes his scope wide, his vision deep, his colour and aural impressions so rich,” wrote Aleksander Bloka poet from a literary camp Bunin treated as hostile.


Iwan Bunin | Credits | AllMusic

For the first time since the founding of the Nobel Prize you have awarded it to an exile. But he treated things that he felt were not masqueradery differently. He maintained the truly classic traditions of realism in Russian literature at the very time when they were in the gravest danger, under attack bynin modernists and decadents.

I wrote both poetry and prose fairly early and my works were also published from an early date,” wrote Bunin in his short autobiography. The atmosphere in the neighbourhood, though, was not that deadly, judging by the Bunin’s diary entry for 1 August Afterhis health deteriorating, Bunin concentrated upon writing memoirs and a book on Anton Chekhov. Fedorov, Bunin became acquainted with N.

Reminiscent of the fiction of Dostoevskyit features an ‘underground man’ who does not wish to be an ‘organ stop’ or ian affirm ‘crystal palaces’. Tsakni, a Greek social-democrat activist, the publisher and editor of the Odessa newspaper Yuzhnoe Obozrenie Southern Review.

Tolstoy of whom he spoke with great respect ; both tended to idealise the pre-Tatar Rus. The following other wikis use this file: Overwhelmed by the congratulations and telegrams that began to flood me, I thought in the solitude and silence of night about the profound meaning in the choice of the Swedish Academy.

It recreates events with graphic and gripping immediacy. By the end of the s, the Bunins, plagued by the gambling habits of the head of the family, had lost most of their wealth.

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