England’s most valiant knights paid court to wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous warrior Rogan Peregrine made no secret of his powerful desires. THE TAMING. England most valiant knights paid court to Wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous Warrior Rogan Peregrine made no secret of his powerful. The Taming by Jude Deveraux – England’s most valiant knights paid court to wealthy Liana Neville, but only the infamous warrior Rogan Peregrine made no.

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Liana, dressed as a peasant, finds him lolling about in the nude by a pond and they have a fight about his lice-infested clothes. A hero can devreaux a jerk, oblivious, even a pompous arse at times, but charm goes a long way. This was a two star read at best.

The hero married the heroine because he badly needed money, she married him because of his looks. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Reveraux Taming The first time Liana saw Rogan, she was immensely devetaux to the rude and insufferable man.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. The Taming eBook So Rogan marries Liana for her riches. When she meets Rogan Peregrine, it is love at first sight and she readily accepts his marriage proposal. Here, it is the wife working her fingers to the bone to help her lazy husband and his annoying siblings. Sadly for Liana, all her suitors praise her beauty while obviously mentally calculating her worth.

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The Taming (Peregrine , book 1) by Jude Deveraux

By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I iude read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. But this book took medieval odiferous realism to a whole new level, described so often that it grabbed the plot in a hammerlock and broke its arm. This is a re-read for me.

This was one of my favorite romances when I was younger and, between my Medieval glom and discovering the Kindle edition, I had to reread it. Then she puts everyone in their place, and blah blah blah blah blah. I know you are capable and all, but must you lord it over everyone else? On his way to her place to demand her hand in marriage, he stops by the river to take a swim. May 16, Julz marked it as dnf Shelves: Ta,ing you we would all perish.

Sign up and get a free eBook! Preview — The Taming by Jude Deveraux. This story deals with the “taming” of one of the Peregrine brothers by his new wife.

The mistresses, are named after the weekdays. And then, one night she bathes him, he behaves like a normal being and is a little gentle, and she thinks: Liana had turned his cesspit of a home to a livable place and gave him food that did not have stones to grind his teeth. I have no clue what there is in this book that made me laugh and smile so much but I did.


She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers.

The Taming • Jude Deveraux

Jud all 6 comments. Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. There was that really great scene where she puts the H in his place and begins to earn his respect.

I couldn’t keep reading, even knowing that the “taming” has just begun.

Books by Jude Deveraux. She brought more to the marriage then he did, she fixed his clothes, his castle, took in his bastards, feed him and his subjects.

The Taming Book Summary and Study Guide

Sounds like a turn off, but I still found myself really enjoying this book and had quite a few chuckles at the way in which Liana was able to turn Rogan around. He set out to keep the two apart.

Aug 19, Shannon Stacey rated it really liked it Shelves: Deveeaux later he shows up on her doorstep to court her. There was no reason for Liana to like Rogan except his hard body and looks. The first book in the Peregrine series by Jude Deveraux. Price may vary by retailer. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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