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The appellant alleged that Article 45 of the Broadcasting Law (Ley de .. Por lo que el párrafo primero del Art. 45 de la ley y las normas dictadas en su. , Spanish, Book edition: Radiodifusión: marco regulatorio: Ley nacional de radiodifusión 22,, Decreto reglamentario /81 / [Claudio] Schifer. (Law of , InfoLEG, available at (Gustavo Ybarra, El kirchnerismo logró aprobar en general la nueva ley de medios, DIARIO LA.

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Consequently, this Court understands that it must be rejected …. The constitutional provision is in perfect agreement with international human rights norms which guarantee the right to freedom of expression.

The exercise of the right provided for in the foregoing paragraph shall not be le to prior censorship but shall be subject to subsequent imposition of liability, which shall be expressly established by law to the extent necessary to ensure:.

There is no specific law on cadenas ; the government must buy airtime from the broadcasters, and carriage of such national events is voluntary by law. How to cite this article. According to these provisions, only the applicants for a legal concession to provide a station of sound broadcasting with frequency modulation who are a “physical person or commercial corporation which is legally constituted” are eligible for such concession, excluding therefore civil corporations, cooperatives, and mutual associations.

Forma funcion, Santaf, de Bogot, D.

This right includes freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing, in print, in the form of art, or through any other medium of one’s choice.

Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression. The Court does not find that there is a higher aim which would authorize preventing the complainant from participating in a bidding process aimed at regularizing his legal situation and being able, if chosen, to exercise his right to freedom of expression.

It looks like JavaScript is either disabled or turned off. In some countries, including Argentina and Venezuela, all stations are 222285 to air these messages similar in nature to Emergency Action Notifications in the United States.

La “Legitimidad” Del Enunciador Juridico en la Ley de Radiodifusion Argentina (22285/80) (Report)

The alleged violation was founded on the provision of Article 19 No. As a final thought, it will be clear that not all opinions in the decisions quoted are shared by the Office of the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, but that the Office agrees with the fundamentals of the decisions.

Sixth and last, and summarizing the foregoing conclusions, if an informer has legitimately exercised his right to freedom of expression, the conclusion that a violation to the right to the protection of honor has been committed leh be validly reached.


Cadenas nacionales are obligatory for all television and radio stations, and are used to broadcast presidential reports and messages of national interest. Retrieved from ” https: The ban on prior censorship. The right to access ,ey information. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat On one occasion, television stations were forced to broadcast a minute-long musical performance contained within a cadena nacional. According to the legal framework that governs broadcasting, in order to apply for a legal authorization to provide lley broadcasting station with frequency modulation, it is required that the applicant is a physical person or a commercial corporation that is legally constituted, which 2228 civil associations, cooperatives, and mutual and non-profit associations.

The Appeals Court of Santiago de Chile rejected the appeal on the grounds that its admittance would have amounted to prior censorship, banned by Article 13 of the Inter-American Convention on Human Rights. Thirdly, that the protection offered by this right must not only be regarded as pertaining to favorable ideas, but also, most importantly, to those that might be offensive, disturbing, 2285, prone to incite strong le, or shocking, because such are the demands of pluralism and mental openness without which a democratic society cannot exist.

In several Latin American countries, a cadena nacional “national network”, also referred to leey a cadena oficial or red voluntaria is a joint broadcast, over various media usually radio and televisiondirected at the general population of a state.

Texto completo de la Ley Nº 22.285, de Radiodifusión

The participation of a mutual association in a bidding process with the aim of acquiring a broadcasting license, if it is selected from amongst the bidders, promotes the diversity of opinions which defines a democratic society, and constitutes a true balance to economic groups.

The organization of this section takes account, as it must, of the leyy arising from interpretation of Article 13 of ,ey Convention, which declares that:. Domestic Jurisprudence of the Member States.

Dublinsky, of a series of articles portraying the claimant’s involvement in acts of corruption such as requesting the payment of a leu, and awarding state benefits to his personal acquaintances. Case of April 16, Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2 above, public entertainments may be subject by law to prior censorship for the sole purpose of regulating access to them for the moral protection of childhood and adolescence.

Cadena nacional – Wikipedia

After the dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner —89the use of cadenas nacionales was banned after the system was abused by the military to transmit propaganda. From to Maythere have been cadenas nacionales in Argentina, including 17 in the first five months of Firstly, that the general but naturally, not absolute principle to be kept in mind is that the right to freedom of expression, given its crucial role in promoting public debate and its relation to democratic societies and institutions, when exercised legitimately, is regarded in the national and international arenas as possessing an “extremely high value” which places it in a higher rank in relation to the other civil rights.


In this case, the law of bank secrecy stated in Article of the Commercial Code is also applicable. Therefore, if the appeal were admitted and the subsequent exhibitions of the piece which has given rise to it prohibited, this Court would incur in a form of prior censorship, which is forbidden to this Court. Restrictions to the free circulation of ideas and opinions, as well as the arbitrary imposition of information and the imposition of obstacles to the free flow of information violate the right to freedom of expression”.

Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Mexico. Emergency population warning systems Spanish-language television.

Depending on the country, the characteristics of cadenas nacionales vary. As a second point, there is no doubt that there are many other cases that could have been summarized in this report. States have the obligation to guarantee the full exercise of this right.

In addition, in these cases, it must be proven that in disseminating the news, the social communicator had the specific intent to inflict ly, was fully aware that false news was disseminated, or acted with gross negligence in efforts to determine the truth or falsity of such news. Such a provision cannot be arbitrary in its absolute exclusion of certain associations, 2228 its members from leyy for a broadcasting 222285 for the only reason that they are not constituted as a commercial corporation regulated by the law, and without this exclusion being based on an objective and reasonable criteria, because this ultimately amounts to an unreasonable limitation of the right to freedom of expression and of the right to freedom of association.

It lacks the legitimacy that should come from the production site, since it wasn’t promulgated by any democratic institution. Court of Appeals of Santiago de Chile. Massera and Albano Harguindeguy. On February 20,the accusation brought by Mr. Sergio Israel Dublinsky, a journalist for the periodical publication Brecha was admitted.

In this section, the report refers to the States’ domestic jurisprudence, and it includes certain decisions by local tribunals that were handed down during and that reflect the importance of respecting freedom of expression as protected in the American Convention.

The Rapporteur hopes that this attitude will prevail among other judges in the hemisphere.

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