31 May Panj Surah with Translation app comes with the five most renowned and most commonly recited Surahs of Quran. 8 Lines per page. Glossy, colourful Paper. Surah Yasin Surah al-Rahman Surah al-Waqi’ah Surah al-Muzzammil Surah al-Mulk Four Quls Ayat al-Kursi Durud. 25 Feb Punj Surah With (Translation) Panj Surah This App Useful For Muslims Punj Surah (پنج سورۃ) 5 Surah Pakistani Panj Surah Panch Surah.

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You can both, read the surah Muzammil in 15 line Quran reading mode and listen to its recitation by Qari Alafasy in this Panj Surah app.

Panj Surah (with English Translation)

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This way, in addition to listening to the audio recitation of Punj Surah and reading them in the 15 lines Quran view, you can share the message of the Holy Quran with your loved ones. Please upgrade your browser to panj surah with translation your experience. You can read the transliteration of the Surahs and wherever you find it hard, by consulting the transliteration you can better your pronunciation.

PANJ SURAH ( Five Surahs) With Translation & Transliteration

AppAdvice does not own this application and panj surah with translation provides images and links contained in the iTunes Search API, to help our users find the best apps to download. Panj Surah with Translation app comes with the five most renowned and most commonly recited Surahs of Quran.


This Surah also brings lots of benefits and advantages to the person who recites it. Recitation of Qurah Surah Mulk every night is considered to be panj surah with translation best solution when it comes to the punishment of wiht.

In this, Panj Surah app, you recite as well as listen to the recitation of Surah Yasin whenever you like, especially in Panj surah with translation. Everyday recitation of Surah Waqiah prevents a person from poverty and becoming needy. In addition to bringing you the best and renowned Quran panj surah, the app also gives you the English translation as well as the roman transliteration of the five Surahs of Quran along with the recitation of the panj Surah in the voice of the famous Qari Mishary Alafasy.

Furthermore, complement your personal recitation of these surahs with English translation and transliteration of the verses. Another magnificent feature of this panj panj surah with translation app is that it allows you to share the ayah that you would like to share with your friends and family.

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Furthermore, in the app the 15line Panj surah with translation view of the app helps you in better reading of the text of the Surahs. People who find it hard to pronounce the Arabic of Quran correctly, for them, the app brings roman transliteration of the Arabic Panj Surah. This Surah psnj also known as the beauty of Quran.


Other than Arabic recitation of the Surahs, this Panj Surah app brings you the English translation of the ayaahs of panj surah with translation Surahs as well. In addition to that, the recitation of Surah Yasin also sudah great benefits in this world and in the world hereafter.

Other than its magnificent versification, the Surah Rehman brings various benefits to people with different diseases as well as social and panj surah with translation issues. This app contains Surah Waqiah in 15 lines Quran mode for your reading and if you wish to listen to its recitation, then you can listen to Quran Surah Waqiyah recitation in the beautiful voice of Qari Mishary Alafasay.

In tradition, Surah al-Mulk is considered to be a shield for one who recites it every night before going to sleep, when he or she panj surah with translation suffer traslation punishment of grave. For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser!

Surah Mulk can be read in this Panj Surah app in the 15 line Quran reading mode. Another of the revered Surahs of Quran is Surah Muzammil.

You can read the English translation of these Surahs of Quran as you listen to their audio mp3 recitation.

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