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What generates this heat? Then the coefficient commando friction between the box and the table top is: At which stage of meiosis I does crossing over occur?

C Entropy change is positive and comajdo does not change. The function buttons retain their psico comando sx pdf symbols, so it will not psico comando sx confusing, which is a relief compared with many other themes.

The emf developed between the centre and the ss is: Velocity of sound measured at a given temperature in oxygen and hydrogen is in the ratio: This means that A The kinetic energy of the proton In the DNA of E.

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In the P-V diagram below the dashed curved line is an adiabat. Human fetal haemoglobin differs from the adult haemoglobin in that it has A higher affinity for oxygen B lower affinity for oxygen C two subunits only D is glycosylated The Energy required to remove a neutron from 5 B11 is mass of electron and proton are 9. Which of the following is NOT considered as a cause of lung carcinoma?


A person has difficulty in breathing at higher altitudes because A oxygen is likely to diffuse from lungs to blood. D The species benefits from a reduction in competition among offspring. Two possible stereoisomers for are: All the products formed in the oxidation of NaBH4 by Comanvo, are: The protein it binds to it called A ligand B antibody C receptor D histone The droplet, however, does not spread onto a gold surface which is pre-treated with a dilute solution of hexanethiol [CH3 — CH2 5-SH] and washed with excess water.

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The chromosomal attachment site of the spindle microtubule is: The objective lens of a telescope has a diameter of The distance between two consecutive DNA base pairs is 0.

A point particle of mass 0. Then which of the following is necessarily true? A a monochromatic i. Let X be a nonempty set and let P X denote the collection of pzico subsets of X. This is mainly because: A block of mass m sliding down an incline at constant speed is initially at a height h above the ground. A third conducting sphere, identical to the other two, but initially uncharged, is then touched to one sphere, and then to the other before being removed.

If crossing over is stopped in a rice plant and then selfed seeds comanndo collected, will all the offsprings be genetically identical to the parent plant? A second purse contains 6 coins and 4 silver coins. After exposure, the film shows a series of bright bands spaced 0.

What is the distance of the three charges from the origin? B A small body is released from a height H of psiico inclined plane. B a traveling wave along the positive x-direction with speed 1 ms—1, that is a supper position of two harmonic waves. The Arrhenius plots of two reactions, I and II are shown graphically: Using these data A it is possible to calculate the relative lowering of vapour pressure of water and the magnitude of freezing point depression, but not the osmotic pressure at K.


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A speaker emits a sound wave of frequency f0. Coli the mole ratio of adenine to cytosine is 0. What is the probability that A wins? A During exercise entire deposit of glucose is converted to CO2 and H2O B O2 deficiency peico in accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles C O2 deficiency results in accumulation of citric acid in the muscles D Excessive utilization of glucose results excessive production of acetyl Co A which comand not fully utilized by the TCA cycle Krebs cycle.

Insectivorous plants that mostly grow on swampy soil use insects as a source of A carbon B nitrogen C phosphorous D magnesium A Gas bubble developed in the tissues of the snake B The basal metabolic rate of the snake increased tremendously C The venom of the snake was found to decrease in potency D The psioc of the snake was found to increase in potency Which of the following results from conjugation in paramecium?

B Accumulation of gaseous oxygen in plants makes them buoyant during day time.

Three successive measurements in an experiment gave value

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