Description. • Cooking appliance for automatically cooking (Automatic mode) meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products . Information for the professional kitchen. The RATIONAL Newsletter. Latest information about your combi-steamer or your VarioCookingCenter®; Exclusive. 10 x 1/1 GN grid capacity • iCookingControl with 7 applications • HiDensityControl® for highest food quality • CareControl cleans and descales • 3 phase •

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This unit is designed for heavy duty use and the rugged construction is of high gauge stainless steel.

This intelligent system practically eliminates the possibility of human error. View All Kitchen Essentials 8 Categories.

Add to Product Added. Simply prepare enough plates for your guests in advance, and then store them refrigerated on mobile oven racks. The muffin and timbale rationnal is made from a highly flexible material and has optimal non-stick properties, ideal for delicate desserts and is extremely robust and easy to clean.

There is no pre-heating involved.

Everything is uniformly browned, remains juicy and has a nice crust. The lease figures displayed above have been calculated over 12 to 60 month terms and are merely a guide and subject to status. No questions have been submitted yet.

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Rational SCCWE101E Combi Oven

An additional external connection or extension to an existing exhaust air system is rationaal required for this air re-circulation hood. The CombiGrill griddle is extremely strong and durable. This special feature guarantees maximum stability even for large quantities, long service life and convenient handling without any sharp edges. Even escalopes and steaks can be prepared without time consuming turning. I’d like help with A Quote Leasing Something else.

Cubic Centimeter [cm 3 ]: Order by 3pm for Working Days Free Delivery.

The appliance is always hygienically clean and well maintained. No thanks Rational Mobile Oven Rack 8 racks, wide spaced rails, image is 10 racks – Whether its replacing a old or broken appliances or filling your new business with the appliances you want, not everyone has money lying around waiting to be spent.

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It will perform any cooking operation on any food and save time and money on energy and raw food costs.

Ideal for roasting, braising, pan frying and baking. Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team for any additional information.

This is the first and only cooking system in the world with true intelligence. Roasting and baking sheets allow you to prepare an unbelievable variety of foods—escalope, medallions, poultry, rolls, croissants, pastries, roast potatoes and countless others. The ergonomic design allows them to be quickly loaded and unloaded. Tue 20th November to Fri 30th November. Your guests will delight in the smell of freshly-baked goods such as bread, rolls, cakes, muffins, tarts and lots more.


For your convenience we have provided a unit conversion table. The accessory is easy to operate so that it can be loaded quickly. The TriLax aluminium baking trays from Rational have optimum non-stick properties, are extremely robust and offer a long service life. The TriLax Cross and Stripe Grill Grate, thanks to its innovative design, offers two different grill patterns with just one grate.

One more step

Rational appliances are built with racks inside as standard, the options here are an option that serve a specific purpose. You are informed of every adjustment on the display. You can use the roasting and baking pan to prepare almost any classic pan dish, such as hash browns, ratinal espanola, quiche, pancakes or even small desserts, such as tarte Tatin.

With a fill volume of 3.

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