3/22/ Names of Lord ShivaShiva Sahasranama. 2 Jul The Shiva Purana lists following names of god Shiva. For the knowledge of our buyers/readers we are giving those names here: Shiva –. Shiva Sahasranama, The Names of God Shiva. likes · talking about this. May this be heard, O great sages, I shall now recount the hymn.

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Surabhyuttaranaay, The Lord cursed the Holy Cow Surabhi for giving a false testimony and thereby lowered her status Naktancharaay, One who moves during the night, Naktam means night Maatrae, The Lord is the Mother Vivasvatsavitramrutaaya, The Lord 1008 names of lord shiva endued with innumerable rays of light, and brings forth the Universe, and also is the form of the Soma juice which is consumed during sacrifices Prabhaavaatmanae, The Lord is the truth of truths Sakalaay, The Lord is all pervading, complete Vishvadaevaay, The Lord sports with the Universe as if it were a marble Mahaaghoeraay, The great destroyer Gandharvaay, One who knows all about music and praises, one who is the form of the Gandharvaas Ayagya, The Lord is without action Khaecharaay, The 1008 names of lord shiva resides in the heart of every creature Subalaay, The Lord has great strength which is always used in a good way Harinaay, The Lord took the form of a deer Adhirohaay, The Lord is one who has attained the highest state of existence Havishae, One who is the Oblation, One who enjoys the Havis object Mahatae, The greatest, most adored It is important to remember that in any given Sahasranama, several names are repeated more than once, and in most there are actually more than names.


Nandivardhanaay, The Lord enhances the joy of His devotees Brahmalokaay, The Lord is the abode of Truth Gambheeraay, One who cannot be fathomed. Vibudhaay, One who has great wisdom Vishkambhinae, One who out of His love, entered into the world, The Lord is infinite Ugraay, One 1008 names of lord shiva displays a fierce looking form Kurookartrae, The Lord is the author of the field and the actions lkrd Urdhvashaayinae, The Lord always sleeps on His back, Shaayinae means to sleep facing up Maedhraaj, The Lord appears in the phallic emblem Ajitaay, One 1008 names of lord shiva is ever victorious, never vanquished Analaay, The Lord is the form of Fire Aneetayae, The Lord is the form of dictatorship prevailing in the worlds Dhaatarahasae, One who is the speed of the wind Nimittaay, The Lord is the cause Giriroohaay, One who dwells on the mountains Kailash Gajaghnae, The slayer of the demon Gaja elephant who came to destroy the city of Varanasi Gandhadhaarinae, The Lord carries all kinds of perfumes BhasmaaGandh means fragrance 1008 names of lord shiva Balavatae, One 1008 names of lord shiva greatest strength might Suroopaay, The one with a lovely, enchanting, form Nirvaanaay, The Lord lorc the goal of seekers of liberation Subaandhavaay, He is the friend, an excellent kinsman Bindavae, The Lord is the dot in the alphabet which represents the nasal sound Nandanaay, One who gives full of joy, bliss to all Varchasvinae, The great effulgence Nijasargaay, One who has created the universe out of Self, from His Name Aayushae, The Lord is the giver of a long life Gambheerabalavaahanaay, One whose might and that of His companions and Nandi have not and cannot be measured Darpanaay, The Lord is a mirror in which the Worlds are reflected Gunaadhikavruddhaay, One who is advanced in virtues, knowledge, and wisdom Sudarshanaay, The Lord has a beautiful form, an auspicious form

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