5 Jun This is the newly revised Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. Scouts who have already downloaded the previous workbook may continue to. 14 Apr Does anyone else have issues trying to save/open/download (anything!) the Eagle Scout project workbook? I have tried on four different. 24 Jun The Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (No. ) is regularly That latest upgrade came on May 20, Find the new workbook.

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They are enumerated on the application. To receive the card, the Scout must submit an application attached to the Council Coordinator who then submits it to National.

Scouts coming for their Project Review should use this new revised version.

Eagle Project Workbook

His contact information is below. It must be used for ewgle or services directly related to the project but not for food or tools.

Do not leave any blanks. In each step, write down what you did in order so that those reviewing your project will understand the process you followed.

The form is designed to allow you to type your information into the blanks. What to Complete When You should be completing this workbook in sections: Navigating the Eagle Scout Service Project. This is what you will be using to record your project progress. All those who were approved after that, must use the new csout above.


If we exhaust the supply of 25, we can submit for an additional 25 cards. If your project was approved before December 31,and you have been using the old workbook the one with the picture of a scout on ityou may socut up using that. Complete Final Eagle scout project workbook 2014 — Make sure all signatures and dates are present! If you have any questions after thoroughly reading the application, please contact him.

Advancement – Eagles

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. You will need 3 signatures, yourself, the beneficiary, and your Scout Leader. August 2, – 9: The card may be used at any location scot accepts Discover cards, not just at Lowes stores. Please make this available to your contact person from your project beneficiary.

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, printing

Elizabeth Dibble Arrowhead Workblok Chair arrowhead. If projet are at the end of your project and have already been using your workbook, skip this section and go to directly to the bottom section. There is a new handout available that clearly explains the role of the Project Beneficiary in the Eagle Scout Service Project process.

It has important information that will help you to know how to do eagle scout project workbook 2014 Eagle Project. Please be complete in your answers.


There are currently 25 cards reserved for our Council and they are available on a first come first eagle scout project workbook 2014 projec. Read what you have written to someone else to scoyt if it makes sense. How to Include Important Requirements If you are just beginning to plan your project and you want some eorkbook about including the necessary planning, leadership, impact, and safety requirements needed for approval, click here.

You should have already downloaded the Workbook and saved it to your Desktop in Step One. See the link below. If you are just beginning to plan your project and you want some ideas about including the necessary planning, leadership, impact, and safety requirements needed for approval, click here. I have attached the form to this message. There are several rules on the use of the cards. If not, please follow the instructions below. Click here for instructions.

eagle scout project workbook 2014

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