Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is an ancient text on meditation. (Read more about Osho here) In his commentary on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Osho has simplified the . 1 Oct First, the world of VIGYANA BHAIRAVA TANTRA is not intellectual, it is not philosophical. Doctrine is meaningless to it. It is concerned with. Osho Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1. Articles: 40, Generated on: Sun, 19 Jul Subject, From. Osho. The World of Tantra. Osho. The Path of Yoga and the .

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That is what is known as rebirth – being twice-born. Answers can be given – they are all lies.

You are the lab; the whole experiment is to go on within you. Democracy They define democracy as the government of the people It satisfies you or doesn’t satisfy you. So Devi is not just a consort, she is Shiva’s other half. So this treatise is a scientific one.

You are neither for something nor against something. You are also a formless existence, but you know yourself not directly, but from others’ eyes. Old like old hills – the methods seem eternal – and they are new like a dewdrop before the sun, because they are so fresh. Tuberculosis has to be treated scientifically. That is why tantra has a fixed device, a vijnana bhairava tantra osho.

Philosophy vijnana bhairava tantra osho concerned with the mind.

Your so-called worldly people and your so-called otherworldly people are not very different…. But what happened is that they never went vijnana bhairava tantra osho deep into meditation; meditation remained just secondary. Just play with them – go home and try. Not a single method could be added to Shiva’s one hundred and twelve methods. But for a single moment two bodies forget themselves in each other, and a certain physical oneness is vijnana bhairava tantra osho.


In the mind questions come as leaves come on a tree. If you give it to a thief it will help; if you give it to a saint it will help. And only after deep meditation should they be allowed into Tantra experiments.

Osho Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1: The World of Tantra

So it is better to understand it in the beginning; otherwise you will be puzzled, because Shiva is not going to answer a single question. The reality remains the same; vijnana bhairava tantra osho clothes differ. Whatsoever I talk about here, try it. These techniques were conceived by Hindus, but these techniques are not Hindu. Your religion is a coincidence, so do not cling to it. What is life beyond form? When two persons are in love, the deeper they move into it, the less and less they are two, the more and more they become one.

Unless YOU are different tantra cannot be understood, because tantra is not an intellectual proposition, it vijnana bhairava tantra osho an experience. You will have to be in it wholly. You become one, and for the first time you know an abyss – a formless presence.

And do not create the fallacy that an argumentative mind is an alert mind. Doctrine is meaningless to it. You have a doubting mind. YOU cannot understand it? We are aware vijnana bhairava tantra osho love because we live in non-love. Then it is not for you.

The Osho Tantra Collection

They reach to the same goal; however, their paths are not only different, but contrary also. All the questions that Devi tamtra asking, Shiva is not going to answer at all. So of course Devi asks questions which appear to be philosophical, but Shiva is not going to answer them that way. You are irrelevant, your beliefs are irrelevant. No, no belief is needed. The vijnana bhairava tantra osho goes on questioning.


Osho – 112 Tantra Meditations Vigyana Bhairava Tantra

So Christianity started fighting scientific progress, because once you know that you can change bhairaava through technique, the time is not very far off when you will vijnana bhairava tantra osho to know that you can change mind through techniques – because mind is nothing but subtle matter. Tantra says, you cannot change man unless you give him authentic techniques with which to change.

Once that heart starts functioning, the Devil becomes God. It means love is the only reality vijnana bhairava tantra osho our experience which reaches nearest to God, to the divine.

Osho approaches the whole subject of sex humanly, humorously and scientifically. Shiva is not aware of love.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra : The masterpiece of Meditation

You move as a body, you live as a body, but you are not a body. To create a doctrine, experience is not needed.

Your vijnana bhairava tantra osho is enough; your totality is bhqirava required. It is not, because the moment you move into arguments you have lost the awareness, you have lost the alertness.

Because of this, Devi is asking apparently philosophical questions. I will go on describing each method from as many angles as possible.

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